Original c94 terminal, Zimi usb-c to lightning data cable for hand evaluation

With the open certification of c94, more and more enterprises have begun to produce the latest C to lightning Apple data cable, but Zimi, a popular charging accessories brand, has not moved. Zimi c94 was launched relatively late and only came out after most of the manufacturers went on the market. Fortunately, Zimi's stock volume is very sufficient this time.

1、 The usb-c to lightning data cable package is very similar to the original apple cable, and the design style is also similar. The simple white carton is printed with the actual pattern of data cable in the middle and the logo of purple rice on the top.

The MFI certification mark on the packaging box is only marked with iPhone, and there are some environmental protection marks on the side.

There is a compatibility list on the back of the box, which supports all iPhone models after iPhone 8. MFI authentication in compatibility list.

On the side are some production information. Zimi's usb-c to lightning data cable model is al870, with a nominal length of 1m.

Take out the wire and use environmental protection paper wire support for purple rice. Zimi's data cable is made of PC + PET material. The nozzle of injection molding can hardly be seen in the body, terminal head and net tail, and there is no burr on the whole.

The purple rice usb-c to lightning data cable has fine frosted texture, soft body and good handle.

The lightning connector of Zimi usb-c to lightning data cable is made of hard PC plastic with smooth surface. The connector is printed with Zimi logo and silver pin, which conforms to the characteristics of c94 terminal.

Usb-c interface close-up, also using hard PC plastic, the surface is very smooth, no logo.

Let's take a look at the end of Zimi usb-c to lighting cable. No matter how long the package is, the skin thickness is almost the same as that of the original cable. The measured bending is relatively easy, and the bending angle is below 90 degrees.

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2、 A few things you should know to experience the fast charging of iPhone

1. Charger purchase notice

In order to get fast charging function, USB PD charger based on usb-c interface and usb-c to lightning data cable are needed.

At the same time, the device itself needs to support PD protocol. The following is a summary of Apple's devices that support USB PD fast charging.

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2. IPhone models with fast charging

Apple supports USB PD fast charging iPhone models.

3. IPad models with fast charging

Apple supports USB PD fast charging iPad models.

4. Does the contact of c94 connector become silver and shrink? The electroplating process of c94 connector was upgraded from gold plating to rhodium ruthenium (L) plating ǎ o li ǎ o) The direct benefit is that the electroplating effect is better, the sweat, liquid and other corrosive contact gold fingers are more effectively prevented, and the contact gold fingers are more durable; In terms of cost, the rhodium ruthenium process is more expensive than gold plating, and the "silver" is more expensive than the "gold".

5. Comparison of PD fast charging speed

You must be very curious about how fast the usb-c to lightning data cable can be used to charge Apple's mobile phone.

iPhone 12 charger port

Xiaobian brought two groups of iPhone XS Max charging data that had been measured before. The PD fast charging group used the PD CHARGER + usb-c to lightning data cable, and the ancestral "Wufu Yian" group used the standard 5W CHARGER + usb-a to lightning data cable of iPhone XS max. The PD fast charging group can charge 50% of the electricity in half an hour, and the charging speed is very fast, while the Wufu Yian group only charges 16% in half an hour, which is far from the same.

3、 Summary of charging head network

Zimi usb-c to lighting data cable is very simple, similar to the original apple cable, and made of PC + pet. The actual length of this data cable is 106CM. It supports the maximum 3A current and has a 12-month warranty. It uses Apple's original c94 terminal. Zimi data line continues its advantages of good workmanship and low price. If you want to experience Apple's fast charging, it is a good choice.

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In terms of compatibility test, Zimi usb-c to lightning data cable adopts the original c94 terminal, with a score of 100, and charging does not pop up. When charging the digital products such as iPhone XS max, ipad Mini 5, iPad air 3 and iPad pro, as well as the mobile power products of Yubo p30book and Yubo 30w-p, the PD fast charging can be activated. The performance is good. If you want to buy an apple PD fast charging line for your beloved machine recently, you may as well know.