One watt less than one yuan, Xiaomi 100W fast charging car charger out of the box

Jellyfish used to use Zimi's qc3.0 18W dual USB A-port car charger. Some time ago, Anker sent a lightning MFI gold cable, and the charging cable on the car just finished was not very good. However, it was found that the C to l cable could not be used in the current car charger, so he planned to buy a car charger with usb-c port. After all, the future is the world of usb-c port.

When choosing the car charger, I happened to see Xiaomi's car charger with usb-c port. It only costs 99 yuan to support up to 100W fast charging. The price is not expensive. Although there is no 100W mobile phone now, what if And it's faster to hit the switch in the car. Of course, I'm still very curious about what's different with this 100W car charger, and whether my ea211 can move it (funny).

The package is much smaller than I expected. It uses the same "one carton" package as Xiaomi earphone. In short, a packaging box only needs to be folded with a piece of cardboard or corrugated board, and it doesn't need extra accessories to support it. Even without the use of glue, the assembly process is more labor-saving; at the same time, it can reduce the cost of traditional packaging by 40%, and avoid the waste of over packaging to the earth.

Xiaomi car charger fast charging version 1a1c (100W)
Product model: cc072m
Output interface: usb-c / usb-a
Input parameter: 9.5a-12v
gle port output: (usb-a) 5V 3A 9V 2A (usb-c) 20V 5A Max
Dual output: (dual simultaneous) 68W Max
Product size: 75.15 × 33.3 × 33.3mm
Because the fixed space is limited, it is not easy to cause the car to jump freely in the box in the midway.

Open the package, in addition to 100W car charging, there are instructions and a C to C charging line, the quality is good. In terms of volume, the car charger is much larger than the purple rice 18W I used before. The main body is made of plastic, and the surface is sprayed with skin like coating. It feels good, and the whole is round without cutting hands.

Double port output at the same time can reach up to 68W, the positive and negative anti-skid shrapnel is made of manganese steel and brass, which is more anti-skid and wear-resistant.

The usb-c interface fast charging protocol of Xiaomi 100W car charger supports apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, qc4.0 +, FCP and pd3.0 fast charging protocols.

The fast charging protocol of usb-a interface supports apple2.4a, qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC and FCP.

The jellyfish used the dual USB A-port Zimi qc3.0 18W car charger.

Xiaomi 1a1c 100W should be bigger, firmly installed and not loose when passing through bumpy roads.

White light in standby mode.

Charging the iPhone 11 with a green "low-power" light, measured up to 22W, has been ridiculed mercilessly.

Of course, if you want to see the golden light, you need the top commemorative version of Xiaomi 10. Even Xiaomi 10 Pro only supports 45W fast charging, which is displayed as blue light.

In fact, this product can be regarded as the exclusive product for supporting the top 10 commemorative version of Xiaomi. If car owners have the top 10 commemorative version of Xiaomi, then this product is a must-have accessory. Of course, it has good workmanship and unique ring charging indicator design, as well as USB based PD's fast charging protocol can already meet the fast charging needs of most products. Even if it is not purchased from Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, it is a good choice.