One charger is enough: Bess gan2 Pro Gan charger

Due to the replacement of Samsung mobile phones, the previous chargers do not support fast charging. I always want to find a fast charging charger that can be used by mobile phones and computers. "Bess gan2 Pro Gan charger" is such a charger that can meet my needs. This article is about the purchase process and use of this charger.
Why buy another charger?
My existing chargers are as follows:
Apple notebook original charger: for MacBook Pro.
Xiaomi usb-c 45W Notebook Charger: type-C port, used for macbook pro and mobile phone.
Xiaomi USB 36W charger: dual USB port for mobile phone, iPad and mobile power supply.

Samsung original charger: type-C port, used for Samsung S20 +.
There are so many chargers. Why buy one?
It's actually like this.
There's no need to take a charger back and forth. For example, I prefer a charger back and forth with my company. But that's not enough for me to buy another charger. After all, mobile phones and computers are dual chargers.
The second reason is the charging speed. Let's start with mobile phones. Samsung S20 + fast charging is not supported by Xiaomi USB 36W charger. Charging on time usually may not be reflected. In case of going out in a hurry and the mobile phone is out of power, the benefits of fast charging will be reflected. Besides computers, Xiaomi usb-c 45W laptop charger only has 45W power, while my MacBook Pro standard configuration supports 65W charging power, that is to say, 45W can also be charged, but the speed must be slower.
Another reason is that my girlfriend uses an apple mobile phone. If we go out together, we have to take at least two original chargers to support fast charging. It's just the National Day holiday when we have to go to my home. If only one charger can do it, wouldn't it be wonderful.
To sum up, I think it would be nice to have a charger that can support not only my S20 + fast charging, but also MacBook Pro 65W charging and Apple's PD fast charging. It's better to have multiple devices charging together.

Why Beisi?
Size selection

In 2020, you can't buy a bigger charger. Before, I bought Xiaomi usb-c 45W Notebook Charger because the original charger of apple computer was too big.

Since you want a small one, you must choose a "Gan" charger.

The first time I heard about gallium nitride was from Weibo of Weibo blogger "weibos". It said that Anker's charger is only a little bigger than the ancestral "5v1a" charger of Apple mobile phone, but it supports PD fast charging. For details, you can check weibos: Anker powerport atom PD 1.
Charging power selection

Gallium nitride chargers have 45W, 61W, 65W, 120W and other rules. Considering the maximum power, that is, 65W of the computer, the 65W charger can maintain at least 45W + 18W output when dual devices are charged at the same time. For me, 65W is enough (I won't say that 120W is too expensive).
Number of charging ports
The material of GaN and the power of 65W are determined. The next step is to select the number of charging ports. According to my usage habit, at most three devices charge together, so three ports are the best.
Some Gan chargers on the market are compared, such as Netease yanxuan, Xiaomi, Nubia, Jingdong jingzao, 360, Anker, lvlian, etc.
After comprehensive consideration, we chose Beisi's Gan 2 Pro Gan charger, which is the second generation product of Beisi Gan Gan charger. It costs less than 124 yuan.
First of all, let's look at the outer packaging.
0004645304 (two dimensional code automatic recognition)
Although it's Jingdong Logistics, the box is a little bit squeezed. Fortunately, it's OK inside.
There are two small details:
The charger design on the front of the package is frosted, which is the same as the charger body.
The seal has a hand-held part reserved for easy tearing (the same as the bull storage box and socket packaging seal previously written).