notebook? mobile phone? charge? One is enough| Lenovo Yoga new dual port charger cc65 Gan charging

As today's college students, it is a daily operation to run around with notebooks in various places every day. Every time I hold a big and heavy charger, I always feel very distressed. Most of the space in my computer bag is occupied by this heavy charger, until I get the charger of Lenovo yoga~

#1 package appearance

Its packaging is like its body shape, small and simple. Open the box, there is a charger, charging cable and instructions. What I got is the cream white, which is as beautiful as snow mountain skin. Its surface is not easy to keep dust, and it is very scratch proof. The biggest highlight of this charger is that it has two charging ports, and you can choose different gears according to your own needs.

This time, the charging line has reached 1.5m to meet all the daily charging requirements. A magic storage and receiving paste is also provided in the supporting charging line. It is just the gospel of collecting small pot friends. Moreover, this charging line is not only a simple line, but also has its own chip!

Charger is only 0.075l, about the size of two small portable staplers, one hand can be easily held, very small. It's very convenient to carry out~

#2. Product features

① In daily use, I can choose the charging port according to my own equipment. When I go out, I can take a small charger to be enough. It can charge mobile phones and notebooks. It saves me a lot of space and is very convenient.

② The compact charger is very light in hand and can hardly feel its weight in the bag. And its volume is really very small compared with the original large charger, one hand with it more than enough. It's a good thing to charge out!
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③ The smart charger is equipped with a very long line, almost reaching the length of my arms open, so that it can be very good for daily use. It can automatically identify the charging speed. My computer is Lenovo new pro14, which can turn on the fast charging mode when charging. The mobile phone is red rice K40. When it is used to charge, it can also be switched to flash charging ~ charging speed is whizzing! ④ Safety

#3. Experience of use


iPhone Charger Adapter
My computer is Lenovo new pro14 (unique), used as a learning tool. Daily is to use some office software and online search data, watch some video, etc. When using this charger while charging, it will not lose power. The overall power will increase. It can satisfy my daily use.
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When the screen is always on, I can use this charger to charge the computer to better performance. The whole charging process is as follows:

Because the original charger is 95w and the charger is 65W max, it is a little slower than the original one, but it also shows a good charging speed~


If you have too much trouble with original chargers, you will also be in trouble with bringing a lot of chargers out of the world

Lenovo's ygoa Gan charger cc65 is your best choice~