No need to wait long for high-speed fast charging

As a loyal apple fan, I don't know how many I've changed from the iPhone 3GS to the current apple 11 series. Although the mobile phone experience is getting better and better, the charging speed is still difficult to accept. The ancestral 5v1a charger has continued to this day. Although the PD fast charging protocol has been supported since Apple 8, the charging speed of the original data cable is still unbearable. Even the Android mobile phone camp next door has already supported 65W high-speed charging, which is really enviable. But now Apple has opened the PD fast charging protocol, and the third-party accessory manufacturers have developed PD data cables that support high-speed and fast charging. Today, I'd like to recommend some durable, high-speed and fast products, so that you don't have to wait for a long time to recharge. Let's see if there are any styles you need# Science and technology grass planting group: order for collection of good species grass officials#


The common data cable is easy to break, charge slowly and not easy to store when it is used for a long time, which causes a lot of trouble for daily charging. In this case, you might as well try the apple PD fast charging data cable launched by momis. It not only has the speed of charging, but also has awesome durability. Thanks to the multi strands of high-strength nylon woven into the body, it has excellent soft and tensile properties. Even if it is bent and kneaded wantonly, it can still recover as before. Moreover, the yarn made of woven cotton net has strong tensile strength, and it is not easy to knot and wind when placed in the backpack, which greatly extends the service life of the data cable. In addition to ensuring durability of products, the copper core conductor with internal thickening of data cables is damaged by small charging without damaging the mobile phone, so that the core has the speed of charging speed and the transmission effect is awesome.


For fruit powder, I believe that in the process of using the ordinary data cable, pop-up warning occurs from time to time in the process of charging the mobile phone. In the final analysis, this is mainly due to the incompatibility of data cables. The apple PD fast charging data cable designed by momis is certified by Apple's official MFI and has excellent compatibility. Even if the system is upgraded and updated in the future, there is no need to worry about the problem of pop-up due to incompatibility. Not only that, it uses Apple's new c94 silver fast charging terminal head design to support all Apple models. Whether it's a mobile phone or a tablet, it can meet the first-line needs. On the other hand, the flat body design of the product is also very creative, which is convenient for storage and not easy to knot, making daily use more comfortable.

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I believe that the products that often buy digital accessories are familiar with the momis brand. As a leader in the mobile phone accessories industry, the designed products are favored by users for their exquisite workmanship, excellent material selection and excellent word-of-mouth quality. The data cable is made of multi-layer nylon, which ensures that the product is light and the cable body made of Kevlar rebound fiber will not be easily damaged even if it is pulled by brute force. After the official data test, even the 80000 times of rocking bending experiment, still can keep intact. Inside the data cable, with the help of smart chip, the data cable has high power and low resistance, which can fill 50% of the mobile phone in only 30 minutes. When the fast charging reaches the end, it will automatically enter trickle fine charging mode to reduce the direct current and avoid cell phone battery damage. The intimate leather strap can realize free binding, easily solve the tangled disorder phenomenon, convenient and clean storage. Careful design everywhere, only to bring more comfortable charging experience to Aiji.


This apple PD fast charging data cable has two lengths of 1.2m and 2m, which can be selected according to the actual use scenarios of users. Even if you are in bed, you can charge freely without fear of length limit. At the same time, the data cable is made with the original lightning interface. At the same time, through apple MFI, it can achieve excellent compatibility effect. The type-C interface at the other end supports forward and backward pluggable, and can be connected to a laptop with usb-c interface to transfer data. Up to 480 MBO transmission rate, even 1GB of large files, it only takes 25 seconds to complete the transmission. In addition, the data cable also has a wide range of use, whether it is the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Wholeheartedly, just to bring you a more comfortable charging experience.

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This type-C to lightning charging package, designed by Romas brand, adopts white appearance design for data cable and charger, which complements with apple mobile phone and will not appear too abrupt. Of course, in addition to the simple appearance design, the product itself is made of genuine materials. The data cable is covered with high-quality TPE, which is delicate and comfortable, just like the original data cable. At the same time, the TPE material also has excellent tensile strength, so it won't break easily even if it is used for a long time. And in the street, Wang Wei out, which uses a reinforced net tail production, no fear of the impact of twist bending. In addition, the charging head is made of PC flame-retardant shell, fast charging without burning, charging more safe. With the combination of the two, half of the power of Apple mobile phone can be transmitted in 30 minutes. If you want to go out in case of emergency, you can also use the fragmented time to provide battery life support for the mobile phone.


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Conclusion: in this fast-paced era, we all strive for efficiency in our work and life. The same is true for the charging speed of mobile phones. In terms of charging speed, Android mobile phones have always been at the forefront. This year's 50W fast charging mobile phones have become standard. Apple's charging speed of 5v1a is still disappointing. Fortunately, Apple's mobile phones after 8 series also support PD fast charging protocol. It only needs to be equipped with a data cable with type-C to lightning interface to realize high-speed fast charging. Compared with the original PD fast charging data cable, the above recommended ones are better in terms of service life and experience. Do you have a style you like? Let's have a try.