No charging head for iPhone 12? Recommend a few apple fast filling head, ease with the new machine

The iPhone 12 no longer comes with a charging head, so if you plan to buy a new one the first time, you have to plan ahead. Here are some charging heads with good reputation and performance. If you buy them early, you can wait for the arrival of the iPhone 12.

Official original charger


First of all, no matter from which point of view, the official original charger should be the first recommendation, so don't complain about the high price. There are a lot of "accessories only recognize the original" fruit powder, and the view itself is undoubtedly correct. If you are a fruit powder party that is not sensitive to the price, then close your eyes and enter.

Of course, cost-effective products are naturally the focus of this article, but some products with poor brand image can not be recommended by individuals, so the products included in this article are all products with better wind rating. The so-called "the lower the price, the higher the risk", charging accessories purchase need to consider the consequences, if the mobile phone damage, it can not be worth the loss.

Anker nano pd20w


Anker, as a manufacturer of charging equipment for many years, has been the first third-party accessory manufacturer in China. The charger uses power integrations chip (Apple's official chip) and poweriq3.0 technology; It's small and weighs only 30g. The frosting feel of the shell is good and the workmanship is exquisite. Although the price is a little higher, the quality should be worth the price.

Lvlian pd20w

The biggest impression of lvlian is that it is affordable! This charging head is no exception, at least much cheaper than Anker, supports pd3.0 protocol, pd20w fast charging, and has high cost performance. If the student party wants to be cheap, it's recommended to buy this one.


Belkin Belkin pd18w

Belkin, founded in 1983, is also an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of charging accessories for a long time. It has a higher recognition in the overseas market, especially in the United States. However, the domestic market has been tepid, and the price may be the biggest obstacle. Moreover, this charger is slightly vulgar in modeling.

But this charger has a special service: dare to promise compensation for damage. If the charging equipment is damaged in normal use, Belkin will compensate the user up to 2500 yuan.

ZMi purple rice pd20w

Zimi has been known to consumers for its cost-effective products. This Zimi charger is no exception. All aspects of the product are pretty good. It supports the pd3.0 agreement, and the price also continues the consistent cost-effective positioning. In addition, Xiaomi also has a charging head with the same parameters, but it is not as good as this purple rice charging head in all aspects, so it is worth recommending.

Netease strictly selects 30wpd dual port

Netease strict selection of this charger, although the price is slightly higher, but the power also came to 30W, at the same time with a dual port charging, also support pd3.0 and qc3.0 protocol.

Jingzao 18wpd


With its excellent product quality and after-sales service, JD has a large number of fans in the field of e-commerce. As Jingdong's own jingzao brand, this charger is also conscientious in materials. From the main control chip to the synchronous rectifier controller, as well as the filter capacitor and other main components, all adopt the products of famous brands in the industry. It's suitable for users who have great trust in JD platform. After all, JD's after-sales service is really not to be said.

Bess pd20w Mini super silicon

As shown in the figure, the volume is smaller than that of the traditional charging head, which is also the characteristic selling point of this product, "super silicon". The so-called "super silicon" is a new type of silicon-based material, which can achieve smaller volume, faster charging, and operate safely and stably under high temperature conditions. The material properties are a bit similar to gallium nitride. Compared with the traditional charging head, the price is not much expensive.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max will also be on sale in November. In order not to delay the charging of their beloved mobile phones, Apple fans should get ready.