New full function usb-c data cable released: 100W, 10Gbps, 4K support

Recently, coax technology recently launched five usb-c to usb-c full-function data cables, which can not only support 100W USB PD fast charging, but also have 10Gbps data transmission under usb3.1 Gen2 standard. It is worth mentioning that these five data cables are all manufactured based on high-speed and high-frequency coaxial cable technology. The cable manufacturing process used for lightning 3 data cable is applied to ordinary usb-c to usb-c cable, with thinner and softer wire and stable high-frequency characteristics.


This is the "Gan" in a usb-c cable. Lower the coaxial technology used in lightning 3 and USB4 cables to usb3.1 Gen2 cable. Full function and full compatibility, similar to the full protocol of charger. Built in e-marker chip, you don't need to distinguish 100W, 10Gbps, 4K, 60Hz. You have everything you want.


The five full-function data cables launched by coaxial technology are divided into youth version and professional version, among which the length of youth version is 1 m and 1.5m; The professional version has 5 versions of 0.5m 1 m and 1.5m. The main features of these five cables are: coaxial cable, full function, and the first time the technology of lightning 3 cable is applied to the common usb-c cable.


Three professional versions of the cable are thick, using the outer layer of the wire, strong tensile pull ability, and has soft, delicate, not easy to hair characteristics.

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The two cables of youth version are slightly thinner than professional version, and the process of making skin is also slightly different. Fish wire is added to the fine woven wire to enhance the tensile pull performance.


All the five kinds of usb-c interface shell made of aluminum alloy are used for the same axis of the whole function. The surface is silvery gray after grinding and sample oxidation, and 100W PD and 10Gbps are printed on both decibels. The wire and usb-c interface are connected to the injection molding extension and enhance bending resistance.


Here is a small edition of science popularization with you. What is coaxial cable? The coaxial line is composed of a layer of insulating layer wrapped with the central copper conductor, and the metal mesh layer is wrapped outside the insulation layer. Because the outer metal mesh and the central axis are on the same axis, it is called the coaxial line. The metal network can shield the electromagnetic interference of the outer layer, as shown in the following figure:


From the anatomical structure of the coaxial line, it can be seen that from the inside to the outside are the center conductor, insulation layer, outer conductive layer (metal mesh), wire outer skin. Multiple sets of coaxial lines and independent power transmission lines form lightning lines, such as Intel lightning 3 data cable uses coaxial cable.

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Why is lightning 3 wire so high? In addition to the technical improvement, there is also an important reason for the use of coaxial processing technology in lightning 3. Coaxial machining technology is a kind of technology with double shielding and polymer material Teflon as insulation. Compared with traditional strand processing technology, it can reduce interference and output loss when high frequency difference signal, and maintain stability in processing. This ensures a stable experience of output video, audio or data transmission, which makes it possible to increase the function and speed of wire rod.


All the five cables introduced by coaxial technology have high-performance e-marker chips. Besides supporting 100W USB PD fast charging, the data transmission speed is up to 10Gbps, and 4K high-definition video is supported. It takes only 3 seconds to transmit high-definition movies with the cable of this specification; It integrates usb-c, HDMI, DP, VGA and other functions.


The test professional version of usb-c with 1.5m full function is the same axis, and the display supports 20v/5a, 100W power transmission, and the data is usb3.1 Gen2, 10Gbps.


The test results show that the full function of youth version 1 m usb-c is the same axis, and the same display supports 20v/5a, 100W power transmission, and the data is usb3.1 Gen2, 10Gbps.


The full function line of coaxial technology is used to charge 100W mobile power supply, showing charging voltage of 20.17v, current of 4.72a, charging power of about 95.3w, and support 100W fast charging function.


(professional version on the top and youth version below, access MacBook lightning 3 interface with lightning 3 hard disk box, and test hard disk is Samsung 970 plus)

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It can be seen that after connecting to the lightning 3 interface, whether it is the youth version or the professional version, it has exceeded the usb3.1gen2 standard, and reached the speed of half speed lightning 3 (20gbps transmission rate), which is much stronger than 480mbps of USB2.0 and 5Gbps of usb3.1gen1.

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The actual test is carried out with the u2720qm 4K display of macbook pro and Dell, which is supported by 3.1gen2 wire 4K@60HZ The quality of the picture is very amazing for video transmission and audio transmission.


At present, five full-function usb-c data cables based on coaxial cable have been produced and shipped in mass production. It is reported that the five products not only have strong performance, but also have a very high price.