Mountain bike riding glasses which kind of good ranking

Since I put on this pair of riding glasses, I have always used chrome plated reflectors. I don't know why at the time. It can be because it's cool and cool. Ha ha.

When I came back from Tibet, I found that the lenses were badly worn. Because I had fallen off the car, there were still some cracks on them, but I didn't want to change them. Recently, the weather is getting colder and the sun sets early at night, so this pair of lenses is no longer suitable. Looking at the remaining four pairs of lenses and four colors, which one do you choose? Under what circumstances are different colors used? Although I am an amateur cyclist, I also like to understand things about bicycles as much as possible. So with the help of the Internet, I collected some information and put it here. I hope it can help the riders who come to my blog.

[the following information is from the Internet]

There are five colors of riding mirror: black, blue, yellow, bright and chrome plated.

Black: usually strong light, midday sun.

Blue: in foggy weather or low visibility climate.

Yellow: in the evening by adding image contrast to improve clarity.

Tongmingpian: it's very important that it's not just used to be handsome. It can greatly reduce the risk of conjunctivitis. People with conjunctivitis know that their eyes are usually very dry. If they ride a bike again, it will be even more painful. A pair of lenses can deal with this problem perfectly.

Plated lens: it can only be used in the snow or plateau areas with strong light and ultraviolet rays. If you want to go to the plateau, you must have a pair of lenses. Hehe, I made a mistake. I used it right.

The most important function of glasses for us is to block ultraviolet rays, which can greatly induce the risk of cataract. The strength of anti ultraviolet rays has nothing to do with the color of our lenses, but with the information and film of the lenses. The above five colors should have the defense ability of uv380 or above, otherwise the color will be replaced no matter how deep it is.

So what brand of cycling glasses is better? Ouye or Tuobu

Cycling, in ordinary days, is one of our favorite outdoor leisure sports. As you all know, it's very important to choose a pair of good riding glasses. Good glasses can not only protect your glasses, but also be an excellent decoration. Bring a pair of colorful riding glasses to make your journey more wonderful!

There are so many riding glasses on the market that we can't count them,

So, with so many cycling glasses, how can we choose a pair of glasses with better quality and other aspects?

Now let me teach you. First of all, we need to know what kind of materials are used for the frames of riding glasses?

There are two kinds of frames for cycling glasses, one is PC frame, the other is tr-90 frame. What's the difference between them? The first thing we need to know is their raw materials.

Raw material analysis:

PC frame: refers to the plastic spectacle frame, the raw material is polycarbonate

The usual PC frames are mostly painted on the outside. When the human body is sweating, the painted glasses are simple and allergic to the skin of some people. Compared with tr-90, PC frames are heavier. Long term wearing of PC frames can cause a strong sense of pressure on the nose, resulting in the appearance of sore nose and other symptoms. If you have a high demand for riding glasses, I suggest you purchase tr-90 riding glasses.

Tr-90 frame:

Tr-90 (plastic titanium) is a kind of polymer material with memory. Its deformation resistance index is 620kg / cm2, and it is not easy to change. It is the most popular ultra light frame material in the world. It has the characteristics of super endurance, impact resistance and wear resistance, and low conflict coefficient. It can effectively avoid the damage to eyes and face caused by frame cracking and conflict in sports. Because of its special molecular structure, good chemical resistance, it is not easy to deform in high temperature environment, can withstand 350 ℃ high temperature in a short time, and is not easy to melt and burn. There is no release of chemical residues, which meets the demand for food grade information in Europe.

TR90 spectacle frame has a smooth appearance, with a density of 1.14-1.15. It floats in salt water and is lighter than other plastic spectacle frames. It is about half the weight of the plate frame and 85% of the nylon material. It can reduce the burden of nose bridge and ears and is suitable for teenagers. The products made of TR90 materials have good wear resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, climate resistance, not easy to burn and high temperature resistance.