Mountain bike riding glasses recommendation

Generally, dark lenses coated with colorful reflective film are used in snowy days to prevent snow blindness. Dark brown and gray lenses are used to prevent ultraviolet rays in summer. Light blue lenses are usually used in the morning and evening or rainy days without strong light. Yellow or transparent and colorless lenses are usually used in the evening, but they are basically useless. There are polarizing lenses in the current lens group, It also filters sunlight or light reflected from the water surface to prevent glare. Under normal circumstances, the main purpose of glasses is to prevent rain drops and sand from entering the eyes, flying insects from entering the eyes, and stones from the car from hitting the eyes, causing danger! As well as strong light reflection, other aspects of the role is not big. But poor quality glasses may bring "power", which is not good for eyesight. I have bought a lot of glasses, some cheap glasses and take off to see the distance of the ground is obviously different, so it should be bad for eyesight. Generally speaking, I don't care whether it's riding glasses or not. As long as it can prevent wind, sand, rain, flying insects and filter strong light, any kind of glasses can be used. Riding glasses are designed to be light and fit the face, and the lenses can be changed according to the environment. But most of the time I wear one lens. It's impossible to change the lens several times a day, and I almost never change the lens, Other lenses are unused until they are lost. So now I've bought several 19 yuan decathlon glasses that can't be replaced with lenses and nose pads. I'm not afraid to lose them, and I'm not afraid to lose the nose pads. On the contrary, it's easy.

Riding glasses are mainly used to prevent wind and sand, and can effectively refract the stimulation of strong light on the glasses.

Long term online wear, will reduce the screen light into the eyes, in addition, due to the indoor use of semi closed riding mirror to make the eye surface air circulation, may cause the occurrence of eye diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended not to wear it during non riding time. Cycling glasses mainly include bicycle lens changing glasses, bicycle myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses and so on. Because in the process of riding, the change of speed and the influence of wind speed have a great influence on the eyes. Exposing the eyes in the wind for a long time is easy to lead to dry eyes. When the eyes are opened at last, they will feel sour, no stickiness! So for riding, it is very necessary to wear riding glasses.

Glasses lens can block most of the wind on our eyes, to a certain extent, reduce the time of eye fatigue. Another is if the sun is too big, direct sunlight damage to the eyes is also quite large