Mophie three in one wireless charger experience: Apple's three piece set is perfect for users

When I had the iPhone, I wanted to start with airpods, and then I wanted to start an apple watch. Unconsciously, it was Apple's three piece set. Charging is a problem when there are too many devices. Fortunately, the three-piece set supports wireless charging, but Apple watch does not use the general Qi protocol for wireless charging. In addition, Apple's various "Certifications" for charging peripheral accessories, so it is not easy to choose a product that can safely charge three devices at the same time.

As Apple's official partner, mophie has been actively promoting charging peripheral accessories of Apple's hardware products. For Apple's three piece charging, mophie also provides a variety of different solutions. Previously, mophie's various two in one, three in one and single wireless charging stands were introduced, Today's wireless charging stand is specially prepared for Apple's three piece set users, which perfectly solves the charging problem of Apple's three piece set at one time.


1、 Mophie three in one wireless charging stand

  1. Product packaging box

The top of the packing box of the three in one mobile charging base is equipped with hook for offline merchants to sell on the shelf. The middle is the appearance display of the product. The following is the English name of the product: 3-in-1 wireless charging stand.

On the side of the box are the devices that are suitable for mophie's charging stand, including airplads, iPhone and apple watch.

From the back of the box, you can see the use of the product, charging the iPhone, apple watch and airpods three-piece sets at the same time wirelessly.

  1. Product unpacking

Open the packing box directly, and leave a handle at the bottom to draw out the inner liner easily. The product is wrapped by thick inner liner to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

The products included in the packing box are very rich, such as wireless charging base, separated wireless charger, booster pad, tie-in, operation manual and power adapter, etc.

The pins of the charger part are non folding design.


The case is printed with the logo of mophie.

The output end of charger is close-up, and the DC output interface is used. The charger plus the charging line is approximately 165cm long.

  1. Mobile three in one wireless charging base

Since the charging seat of mobile phone and apple watch is vertical, it is necessary to actively install the mobile phone. Installation is also very simple, because of the use of the snap connection mode, only need to insert the corresponding hole position, "click" on the installation completed.

 iPhone Charger Cable

There are corresponding devices on the back of the charger, and it is very convenient to dismantle. It can be removed by pressing inside, which is very easy.

The rear close-up of the three in one wireless charging seat after installation, the charging seat of mobile phone and apple watch is vertical, while the charging seat of headset is horizontal.

The wireless charging position of the headset is provided with a groove to facilitate the user to align the position when charging. The whole wireless charger is covered by Japanese Dongli cloth art. It can improve the appearance of the whole product first, and then it will not scratch the shell of the equipment when using.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Because Apple launched a new small iPhone 12 Mini last year, in order to prevent the coil from affecting the charging experience when using, the iPhone 12 Mini is also equipped with an increase pad in the packaging box. If it is unable to charge the phone, it can be used with the booster pad.