Mophie three in one wireless charger experience: Apple's three piece set is perfect for users

When I had the iPhone, I wanted to start with airpods, and then I wanted to start an apple watch. Unconsciously, it was Apple's three piece set. Charging is a problem when there are too many devices. Fortunately, the three-piece set supports wireless charging, but Apple watch does not use the general Qi protocol for wireless charging. In addition, Apple's various "Certifications" for charging peripheral accessories, so it is not easy to choose a product that can safely charge three devices at the same time.


As Apple's official partner, mophie has been actively promoting charging peripheral accessories of Apple's hardware products. For Apple's three piece charging, mophie also provides a variety of different solutions. Previously, mophie's various two in one, three in one and single wireless charging stands were introduced, Today's wireless charging stand is specially prepared for Apple's three piece set users, which perfectly solves the charging problem of Apple's three piece set at one time.

1 Mophie three in one wireless charging stand

  1. Product packaging box

The top of the packaging box of mophie three in one wireless charging stand is provided with a hook for offline merchants to sell. In the middle is the appearance of the product. Below is the English name of the product: 3-in-1 wireless charging stand.


On the side of the box is the device for mophie's charging stand, including a variety of devices such as airpods, iPhone and apple watch.

From the back of the box, you can see the use scenario of this product, charging the iPhone, apple watch and airpods at the same time.

  1. Product unpacking

Directly open the packing box, with an additional handle at the bottom to facilitate the extraction of the liner. The product is wrapped by a thick liner, which can ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

There are plenty of products in the box, such as wireless charging base, separated wireless charger, heightening pad, tie, operation manual, power adapter and other accessories.

The pins of the charger are not foldable.

The brand logo of mophie is printed on the shell.

The output of the charger is close-up, using DC output interface design.

The length of the charger plus the charging line is about 165cm.

Summary of charging head network

The first generation of Apple watch was released in 2014, the first iPhone 8 supporting wireless charging was released in 2017, and the first airpods 2 supporting wireless charging was released in 2019. Since then, Apple's three piece set supporting wireless charging was officially born. So far, hundreds of millions of users have used Apple's three piece set that supports wireless charging.


Charging is a problem when there are too many devices. Wireless charging provides another charging method for these three devices. At present, there are a lot of bases on the market that can charge Apple's three piece wireless set at the same time, but there are not many products certified by apple, including mophie's three in one wireless charging base.

The whole charging surface of mophie three in one wireless charging base is covered by Japanese Toray fabric, which not only has high appearance value, but also won't scratch the shell of the device. Mophie three in one wireless charging base solves the charging problem that Apple supports three piece wireless charging, and it can also clean the desktop. The whole charging board occupies a small area. If you put it on the desk or bedside table, you just need to put the device on it to charge.

The charging position of the mobile phone and watch is vertical design. It's very convenient to view messages from the mobile phone with a flick. The double coil design allows the mobile phone to charge horizontally, watch videos while charging, and charge the mobile phone bracket. Apple watch can also easily use the bedside clock mode. Mophie three in one wireless charging base is a very good charging solution for Apple fans holding Apple Wireless charging three piece set.