MOMAX small square drill 20W pd3.0 charger experience

Hello everyone, I'm Fanfan. I went out for dinner a while ago. The charging head of my LD mobile phone fell off. I can only use the 6S charger at home. I'm used to charging fast. I can't bear the charging speed. Two days ago, my friend planted a charger. One of the reasons for choosing this charger is that it is compact and supports fast charging. These two points are basically the two biggest pain points at present. After the first time to dry the list, we can refer to the following trial experience.

About brand

MOMAX is a famous Hong Kong consumer electronics brand in the mobile phone industry. Its products include mobile power supply, charger, charging cable, Bluetooth headset, etc. its core requirements are exquisite appearance and high quality.


The package is very simple. The surface of the box is product effect drawing, pd3.0 logo, 3C certification logo, and a series of product information.

It can be clearly seen from the package that the charger has only one C port. This means that the subsequent use of C to other port of the charging line for charging. Now the mainstream Android is basically C to C, and the iPhone uses the C to lighting interface to realize fast charging.

There is an authentication mark on the top of the package and an anti-counterfeiting code on the right side to verify the authenticity.

Side is the main feature of the product, 20W pd3.0 fast charging, compatible with the latest equipment.

The inside of the package is very simple, including a charging head, instruction manual, and security information card, without a mobile phone charging cable. So if you need to charge the iPhone, you need to buy a suit with a charging cable or use the cable that comes with the phone. In addition, there is a folding page of the product introduction of MOMAX, which is the latest product of their family. In addition to the charging head, there are many mobile phone peripheral products.

The first time I got it, I compared it with my previous mobile phone and pad charger. The comparison figure is shown in the figure below. The volume is a little bigger than the original charger of iPhone 8, and much smaller than the new pad pro and Xiaomi chargers.

This volume is very small for 20W charging power. The black charger is the 20W charger of Xiaoxin pad pro at home.

iPhone 12 charger port
This charger is simple in appearance, with rounded chamfering on four sides and pure white appearance. The side has the logo of MOMAX, an output of C port. Port C is marked with PD fast charging, which indicates that it supports PD fast charging.

The metal plug is a non foldable design, which will reduce the volume of the charging head to a certain extent and make it more stable when inserted into the socket. But the pins in the bag can't be folded. There are some technical parameters around the plug. It supports the maximum 20W fast charging.

The other side is the logo of pd3.0, which supports the latest pd3.0 protocol. All the characters on the charger are made of radium carving technology, and there is no problem of grinding them out.

Charging test

IPhone 12 Pro charging test

The charging record is as shown in the figure. The charging starts from 5% of the battery and reaches 50% in about half an hour. The later part of the charging is slowed down due to trickle charging due to the protection of the mobile phone battery. The whole charging process takes 105 minutes and the speed is good.

Charging test of Xiaoxin pad Pro
Apple Cable
Plug in the charger, Xiaoxin pad Pro will display fast charging.

The battery capacity of Xiaoxin pad Pro is 8600mah, which takes 145 minutes from 13% to 99%. As a whole, the charging speed is relatively balanced compared with iPhone. Time, the charging speed has been very fast, the original charger charging from 0 to 100% measured in about 150 minutes, and the size of the original charger is relatively large. After charging for more than two hours, the temperature basically doesn't feel much heat, and the heating control is also very good( I touch it with my hand. summary
iPhone 12 charger port
After two weeks of experience, this small MOMAX square diamond charger can completely replace the iPhone 12 charger, and can also replace the home's new pad pro's 20W charger, whether it's Android or iPhone, which can realize fast charging. The ultimate size, small size, personal feeling performance is quite outstanding. And in the process of travel, the load is relatively reduced, the heating control is also good, and there is no obvious hot feeling in the charging process. A little less than the metal plug can not be folded, but look at its surprise price, only one third of the original apple charger with the same power (Apple original 20W charger 149 yuan), what more bicycles.

The above is the sharing of the list. The tests are all measured. Maybe there are some places that are not rigorous. But for me, I have tried my best. If there are any shortcomings, you can point out them together and strive to be objective and rigorous.