MOMAX releases 100W 2c2a Gan charger with high power and multi port output

A few days ago, MOMAX released its largest Gan multi port PD fast charging charger: 100W 2a2c Gan charger. MOMAX has improved the market layout of multi port high-power chargers. Previously, MOMAX has launched 66W 2a2c, 65W 2a1c Gan travel charger, 65W 2c1a Gan cannon, 44w 2a1c and other multi port chargers. Now, the 100W 2a2c has become the flagship of the flagship, Both power and interface can be used in different situations.


The detailed model um23n of MOMAX 100W PD charger is made of gallium nitride power device, which concentrates the 100W super power output into the body, and the volume is close to that of 65W charger in the industry. It has four output ports, which are two usb-c PD fast charging output ports and two usb-a QC fast charging output ports. It can face the use scenario of simultaneous charging of multiple devices.


MOMAX 100W PD charger usb-c1/c2 supports power blind plug function. Any single usb-c can support 100W output. Fixed voltage PDO includes 5v3a / 9v3a / 12v3a / 15v3a / 20v5a, with 3-21v5a high current PPS, which supports a wider range of equipment.


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In addition to high power output, the other advantage of MOMAX 100W 2a2c multi port charger is that it can meet the demand of simultaneous charging of multiple devices, charging up to 4 devices at the same time, and intelligent power strategy adjustment will be made according to the output situation. When three ports are output at the same time, three channels of fast charging can be provided. Usb-c1 and usb-c2 support 45W PD fast charging and 30W PD fast charging respectively, and usb-a1/a2 supports 18W QC fast charging.


The MOMAX 100W PD charger is developed based on pd3.0 fast charging standard. In addition to supporting pd2.0 and pd3.0 PPS, MOMAX 100W PD charger also has common fast charging protocols such as qc3.0, qc2.0, SCP, FCP, AFC, pe+, apple2.4a, which can provide fast charging for most digital products in the market.


To facilitate the use of users outside the door, the MOMAX 100W PD charger supports 100-240V 50/60hz global voltage, and adopts foldable pin design. When out of the house, the pins can be stored in the shell to avoid scratching with luggage.

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100W super power output and support four devices charging at the same time, to save users from carrying multiple chargers worry, home use also need not plug into the socket charger. In terms of volume, the three circumference of MOMAX 100W PD charger is 73mm * 70mm * 30MM, weight is 200g, and it is available in black and white.


There are many power and high interfaces of MOMAX 100W PD charger. It can be used in high-power notebook or charging multiple devices at the same time. The complete PDO voltage also has 5A PPS, and contains a variety of common fast charging protocols, which can provide a fast charging experience for most digital products. In terms of the selling price, the price of MOMAX 100W PD charger is 268 yuan, which has been put on the shelf for sale.