Molex car wireless charging solution

Charging a smartphone in a car does pose a security risk - sometimes the connector is not suitable, the adapter may be lost, the charging cable may be entangled, it is very dangerous to connect the phone with the charging cable while driving, and the power of the USB connector is also very low. Mobile devices can be charged quickly and efficiently through Molex wireless charging. As long as the mobile device is placed on a charging tray with multi coil system, the device can be charged successfully.

According to a mobile report from Ericsson, there will be 7.2 billion smartphone users by 2023. This means that in the next few years, nearly 90% of the world's people will have mobile phones. Nowadays, most people can't get used to not having a mobile phone while driving. A recent study shows that 70% of people use a mobile phone while driving. In addition to making phone calls, people also use mobile phones for navigation, listening to music radio, voice messages, video calls, and controlling the seats and air conditioning of vehicles through mobile phones. The use of mobile phones while driving has prompted many car manufacturers to provide WiFi in their cars.

With the increase of the screen size of mobile phone and the use of mobile phone, the consumption of battery increases accordingly. Ten years ago, a fully charged cell phone battery could last about a week. Today, the average battery life of a smartphone is one day. And the lack of mobile phone power will cause people's anxiety. This makes vehicle charging an important topic for automobile manufacturers to consider. It has become an important part of measuring driving experience to use smart phones safely in driving process. Although the mobile and automotive industry has successfully developed advanced vehicle communication technologies, the power consumption characteristics of these devices bring a new challenge: how to charge smart phones in the car without complicated cables?

Charging smart phones in the car does have security risks - Connectors sometimes don't work, adapters can be lost, charging wires can be tangled together, it's very dangerous to connect the phone and charging cable while driving, and the USB connector is low in power.

Inductive charging is a mature technology, and Nikola Tesla showed a technology as early as 1891: wireless "inductive" energy transfer for incandescent lighting. There are also applications in daily life, such as wireless transmission of energy between an electric toothbrush and its charger - Wireless conversion of input voltage to a constant output voltage, with the same effect as the function of the standard combined circuit elements.

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This method can eliminate potential problems that may interfere with standard charging, such as missing or disordered wires of adapter, by applying this method to mobile devices charging on vehicles. Mobile devices can be charged quickly and efficiently through Molex wireless charging. As long as the mobile device is placed on a charging tray with multi coil system, the device can be charged successfully.

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In order to achieve the maximum coverage of the equipment, the wireless charging unit provided by Molex can meet the widest possible requirements. As a result, MOLEX's wireless charging solution is compatible with the wireless power alliance (WPC) communication protocol "Qi" (pronounced "Chee")“ Qi "has a wide range of distribution, and has been adopted by more than 200 companies, including Microsoft, apple (starting with iPhone 8), Samsung, Sony and almost all Android smartphone suppliers. It is based on the principle of induction coupling using electromagnetic field. If the battery is full or removed, the charging process will automatically turn on and off, if the battery is full or the device is removed. When the smartphone of the end user is not compatible with Qi standard, the system will be shut down immediately to protect the smartphone from any interference“ Ce4a group, representing leading automakers such as BMW, Audi and Daimler, has made "Qi" a general standard.

Since 2012, MOLEX has been working with in car communications to represent Audi. The collaboration between the automotive networking solutions (CVS) Department of Molex and Audi has led to the integration of Molex's wireless chargers into all existing Audi models (except A1 and Q3), which were launched in 2018. So far, Audi has installed about 500000 wireless chargers, while the number of wireless chargers across Volkswagen Group is less than one million. Drivers and passengers benefit a lot from it. Besides being fast, safe and convenient, people can replace car keys with mobile phones, such as opening and closing doors and engine.

Holger Thiel, head of Audi wireless charging project, said that cooperation with Molex was positive and emphasized the value of advanced innovation of Molex: "for us, tight and intensive work arrangements are essential.". This requires suppliers to provide early initial R & D and prototype design. When our purchasing department sends the demand letter to the supplier, the supplier should have prepared the samples. And the wireless charger of Molex meets our requirements, which saves us time and work. This allows us to provide the best driving comfort for our customers in the shortest possible time. "

iPhone 12 charger port

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