Mobile wireless charging solution + charging base

For mobile phone wireless charging, we all know. But do you know that there are several mobile wireless charging solutions? Do you know anything about the wireless charging base of mobile phone? In this paper, we will answer the above two mobile phone wireless charging problems to help you understand the development status of mobile phone wireless charging technology.

1、 Three mobile wireless charging solutions

Today's smart phones are developing rapidly. In the past, we didn't even think about wireless charging, but now it's terrible. So why wireless charging principle? Let's talk about it today.

Let's first understand what the wireless charging technology solution is. It's a new charging technology that uses near-field sensing to send the cradle's electric drive to the phone. Because energy is transferred through coupling, there is no wired connection.

The current wireless charging solutions are just three.

1. Electromagnetic induction charging

This is the most widely used program so far. It uses the induced magnetic flux generated by both the power side (charging base) and the power receiving side (mobile phone) to transmit power. The circuit structure is compared with the other two. Simple, low cost. However, high efficiency also brings inconvenience, that is, the transmission distance is short and affected by the placement position.

2. Magnetic resonance transmission

This is a wireless charging scheme under study, but it has not been commercialized so far. This is because resonators at both ends produce magnetic resonance for power transmission. In short, they vibrate at a certain frequency, and they can exchange energy with each other. The advantage of this is that the transmission distance is long, but the efficiency is low, which is one of the reasons why it can not be popularized.

3. Radio wave charging

This scheme is now a mature one. It consists of a microwave transmitting device and a receiving device. It can sense the radio wave energy bouncing from the wall and adjust the voltage. This solution is more convenient, just install a transmitter on the wall plug and receiver.

In fact, wireless charging has many uses in our life, we must be clear about its principles. Do you know what you're using?

2、 A wireless charging base that can charge mobile phone standing

With the popularity of wireless charging technology, there are more and more devices supporting wireless charging. If you look at the new mobile phone without a wireless charging function, you are embarrassed to say that you are a flagship.

But! Although the wireless charger is very convenient, but the wireless charger on the market is basically a flat board, work when the news, always want to stretch their neck to see, really inconvenient! And it hurts the cervical spine! But recently, blackberry jam heard about a wireless charging base that allows mobile phones to "stand charging" - Boway wireless fast charger.

In normal form, it is the same as the ordinary wireless charger, as long as the mobile phone is spread flat on it, it can start wireless charging, but as long as a switch is pressed, it will immediately "stand up", its charging coil is in the middle, and the mobile phone can continue wireless charging even if it is "standing".

Put it next to the computer. When you are working, you can see what message comes. You can choose to reply or ignore it according to the importance of the message. When you encounter an advertisement push, you will never look at it foolishly... It's OK to operate the mobile phone with one hand. You can simply process the message, And then go back to work.

During the lunch break, you can also use it as a mobile phone stand to make up for the drama and variety show updated last night. The charging board can be used for 30-70 seconds ° The angle can be adjusted with a little pressure. It allows you to view messages and videos from different angles. The height can also be adjusted up and down, even if it is a large mobile phone, it can hold!

Whether it is placed vertically, horizontally or at any angle, it is very convenient. If you just want the mobile phone to lie down quietly, you can pull the charging board towards the buckle to lock the charging board and prevent it from standing up. The circuits and coils of traditional wireless chargers are put together. There are some poorly made wireless chargers, and the mobile phone will be hot like a red iron plate when it is charged.

Feel the hot mobile phone, always feel that it will become a grenade at any time, frightening. When the Boway wireless charger adopts the vertical charging mode, the charging coil and the circuit board are separated. The coil and the PCB (circuit board) will not "warm each other" and the heat will not accumulate. In summer, it can greatly reduce the occurrence of hot mobile phone.

Moreover, when charging vertically, the contact area between the mobile phone and the air is larger, and the convection heat dissipation effect will be better. There is also a circle of cooling holes on the back of the coil for active cooling to ensure that the temperature of your mobile phone and charger will not be too high. It also has MCU and charging management IC chip, which has multiple protection functions such as over-current, over-voltage, over temperature, short circuit, etc., making the mobile phone safer when charging and the battery healthier.

Boway wireless charger is equipped with intelligent identification system, which can intelligently identify apple and Android devices. As long as the device supporting Qi wireless charging is put on, wireless charging can be started. Apple supports 7.5W fast charging, while Android supports 10W wireless fast charging (charging head needs to support qc2.0 / qc3.0). The induction of wireless charging is very sensitive. After putting it on, it starts charging immediately. Even with the mobile phone case, it can still sense the mobile phone and start charging (the maximum induction distance is 5mm)

A circle of breathing lights in the charging base can also help you monitor the charging status of the device at any time. When it is fully charged, it will automatically cut off the power for protection, and when it is overheated or overloaded, it will also cut off the power automatically. A wireless charger, can let your mobile phone stand, lie, side can charge, do not charge, it is a practical and beautiful mobile phone bracket. It's really a lot of functions. Putting one on the desktop is also very enjoyable.

The above is the content of "mobile wireless charging" brought by Xiaobian. I hope you like it. Finally, thank you very much for your reading.