Mobile phone charger shrapnel CAE simulation, small head big role~

Nowadays, people's life is inseparable from the mobile phone, and the mobile phone charger is an electronic product to charge the lithium battery or Ni MH battery used in the mobile phone. As an important supporting product of mobile phone, charger has become an indispensable tool in people's daily life and work. The quality of mobile phone charger is closely related to the life safety of users. Therefore, the quality of mobile phone charger needs more attention.

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Charger shrapnel is an important part of charger, also known as battery connector, charger terminal, etc. Charger shrapnel is usually made of copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials, electroplating CT, silver, nickel. When the charger shrapnel installed on the conductive film is pressed, the central point of the shrapnel contacts the PCB board to form a loop, and the current passes through. It has the characteristics of strong conductivity and good hand feeling. The quality of shrapnel in mobile phone charger is directly related to the service life and safety performance of charger products.


The following is a finite element analysis case of shrapnel made by Yuanwang for a mobile phone charger enterprise.


Analysis purpose


Calculate the stress and strain of the spring when the PCB board is inserted in the assembly process


FEA model


Analysis and summary


In the process of PCB assembly, the maximum stress of the elastic sheet is 1114mpa, which exceeds the yield strength of the material (sus301-h / 1030mpa) and the maximum equivalent plastic strain is 1.61%, which is less than the elongation of the material (sus301-h / 7.6%).

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Many poor quality chargers not only do not use CAE simulation technology for simulation test in the design stage, which leads to extremely unreasonable internal structure layout, but also cut corners in the selection of internal components, and lack of necessary insulation protection, which makes the high-voltage part completely exposed to the USB interface, resulting in leakage risk. From the above cases, it can be seen that the finite element analysis can intuitively and quickly reflect the internal stress distribution of the product, and can also analyze the internal heat concentration of the product through thermal simulation, so as to provide convenient, intuitive and reliable reference data for subsequent optimization design, and improve the quality and safety of the product. Choose Yuanwang CAE simulation application experts to bring unlimited possibilities to your enterprise.