Mobile data cable selection, don't waste money to buy those low price useless data cable

In the major e-commerce platforms, all kinds of data cables are overwhelmed. For people who don't know, they are very unfriendly and difficult to choose.

I believe a lot of people's attitude towards data cable is: almost the same, buy a cheap one.

Do not have this idea, poor data cable will not only cause damage to the mobile phone, but also to their own security. So when you buy a data cable, you must not be greedy for small and cheap things. A mistake will be a permanent hate.


Harm of inferior data cable

Charging speed is slow

Slow transmission speed

Easy to damage

Internal damage to mobile phone

There's no guarantee of safety

Apple data cable

So how do we choose data cables? This problem is relatively simple for iPhone users. They usually only need to select MFI (made for iPhone / iPod / iPad) certified data cable. As for the appearance of the wire, it depends on their own preferences.

Of course, there are other MFI certified products. Here are a few. You can buy them by yourself or go to the store.

Android data cable

Android doesn't have a unified specification, so it's messy in terms of data cable and charging protocol, and there's no certification.

It mainly depends on the protocols supported. The mainstream charging protocols include QC (Qualcomm), vooc (oppo), SCP (Huawei), PE (Lianfa branch), Pd (USB if organization). Huawei oppo, a fast charging technology with private protocols, is recommended to buy the official mobile data cable. You can also ask the customer service what protocols their mobile phones support.







You can ask the mobi le phone customer service what protocols they support, and you can also ask the data cablecustomer service whether they support their mobile phone protocols. The above data cables can be purchased with confidence. Of course, it's good to buy the original, but it's a little expensive. Because there is a friend in the store, Pinsheng and lvlian have a lot of goods, so I usually buy lvlian and Pinsheng. The quality is good and the price is OK.