Mobile data cable pit Guide

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular, and playing games, brushing dramas and listening to music are the entertainment of daily use of electronic devices. However, the endurance of many mobile phones will not exceed one day. For mobile phones, no electricity is a brick. Equipment charging must use data cable, so how to choose a safe, durable and fast charging data cable?



Next, let's analyze it together to avoid the pit effectively;

At present, the mainstream data cable is divided into type-C and lightning. The former is widely used in Android phones and laptops, while the latter is used in Apple phones. Of course, not all Apple's products are lightning. MacBook and iPad Pro also use type-C interface.



In fact, the most intuitive advantage of the appearance of type-C and lightning interfaces is that they can let you get rid of the trouble of inserting cables at the beginning and end. With their excellent positive and negative pluggable interface design, there will be no damage to components caused by failure, wrong insertion or mistakes.

Type-C interface and micro USB interface

Apple lightning interface

  1. Structure disassembly of data cable
  1. Data cable selection standard of each interface type

1 The structure of the data cable includes: outer cover, metal braid, aluminum foil and wire core. The core of wire rod is mainly composed of copper or aluminum, some of which are also plated with tin or silver; different coating materials bring different sensory experience. Throughout the market, there are many kinds of USB data cable cover materials, including PVC, TPE and braided wire. Their respective characteristics are as follows:

  1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material is not easy to burn, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability, and the price is low. It is the preferred material for most data cables in the early stage. PVC material is smooth but hard to handle, and it is not easy to recover after bending. At present, most of the low-cost data cables we buy on platforms like pinduoduo and Taobao are basically made of this material.
  1. TPE (thermoplastic elastic) material as a new environmental protection polymer material, because of its safety, environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, can make up for the lack of PVC materials, at the same time, it has the processing performance of thermoplastic plastics, the processing method is simple and easy to control, and the waste and leftover materials can be fully recycled, which is in line with the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection of today's materials. This is why Apple, Samsung and other enterprises The reason why TPE material is used as raw material of data cable in the industry. At present, the original data cable of mobile phone mostly adopts TPE material.



However, in the high-frequency use of TPE data cable, there may be yellowing, peeling and other phenomena.

Yellow and peeling of TPE data cable

  1. Most data cables of woven wire materials are made of nylon fiber. It is well known that nylon is one of clothing materials. Therefore, the data cable made of woven wire is of good folding and durability, and it is also beautiful and environmental protection.

Therefore, it is suggested that the order of nylon weaving > TPE > PVC is recommended from the outer cover material.

2 Selection standard of data cable of each interface type

  1. For type-C interface, the basic market is universal and can be freely selected. The only thing to be concerned about is the brand, the material of the outer quilt and whether it supports fast charging. With [super fast charging] sign
  1. However, the charging line of Apple mobile phone has a big mystery. The charging line bought randomly may appear in the following figure, because the brand charging line has not been certified by Apple's official MFI.

Apple MFI certification is the abbreviation of Apple's made for iphone/ipod/ipad. Apple allows authorized manufacturers to print authorization labels on product packaging. These logos designed by Apple company have strict regulations when using, which are extremely demanding. Those requiring multiple tests can pass the certification license, and the certification pass rate is only 2%. However, the products with MFI Apple certification can provide more reliable guarantee in quality assurance than other parts without certification in terms of product design, product quality and product compatibility.

MFI logo can be printed on the outer packaging surface after certification

Description from Apple website

Apple recommends that only Apple Certified accessories with MFI marks be used. If you use fake or unlicensed lightning accessories, you may encounter the following problems:

Your IOS device may be damaged;

he connecting wire may be easily damaged;

The connector end may fall off, the heating is abnormal, or it may not be connected to the equipment properly

You may not be able to charge or synchronize files (for example, a phone is connected to a computer, and you cannot transfer files).

Therefore, it is recommended to buy Apple data cable with MFI certification