Mini Digital Power bank with data cable!

Whether it's paying to do business, taking a bus, or playing games or chatting, it's enough to have a mobile phone~

As a result, what I fear most when I go out is not that I don't have any money, but that I have a mobile phone but no power.

The cell phone battery is out!

Want to use a good-looking and easy to use how to do?

Today, I would like to recommend a special charging artifact, with its own data cable, ultra light, go out with it is enough!


Digital display 3A mobile power supply of Beisi Q electric belt line

The first time I saw the goods.

I feel like a digital robot. It's cute.

Small and light

It's only 1 / 2 of the palm size, so it's easy to carry.

Reasons for recommendation:

  1. it has its own charging line, which is a dual-purpose line, and it is a data line and a hanging rope
  1. small size, single hand can be held
  1. 10000 Ma large capacity, it can charge the mobile phone several times
  1. LED digital display screen, when the power is clear when the mobile phone is out without power, the most crazy thing is to take the charging treasure but not the charging line.

The battery comes with a mobile phone charging line, and it doesn't have to worry about it at all.

Pull it and pull it up and charge it.

iPhone Adapter

Its wire is flexible and firm, and it needs not to worry about breaking when pulling and pulling for many times.

When not charging, pull back, become a charging treasure of the hanging rope, carry and use are very convenient.


Considering the different needs of apple and Android users, two versions are specially launched!

iPhone Adapter

Apple version has lingting connector, while Android version is equipped with type-C connector.

Two versions meet the needs of different models, the mainstream mobile phones on the market can be used basically!

10000mah large capacity


Mobile power selects high-quality polymer battery to create super long-term endurance, and fully meet the travel charging demand.

After testing, the mobile power supply with a large capacity of 10000mah can charge iPhone 11pro about 2 times, iPhone x charging about 2.5 times, mate 30 charging about 1.5 times.

Take this mobile power out of the house, no longer need to worry about saving the power of the battery, and at ease while charging while playing with the mobile phone, to ensure your mobile phone power.

15W high power output, charging and storage speed are very fast.

Mobile power is equipped with LED digital screen, which makes it easy to accurately grasp the remaining power.


iPhone Charger Adapter

LED digital screen is not only a power display, but also a state display of charging and switching machine.

When using, you can see the current residual power of the mobile power supply from the display screen by pressing the power switch button on the side.



It can also fly lighter than apple, and it is not too much to charge it.

So light mobile power, even in the pocket of clothes is no problem.


iPhone Charger Adapter

Double input and four output

Four at a time

It is worth mentioning that mobile power supply has two USB ports, one type-C socket, one apple socket, and a charging line on the fuselage, which can charge four mobile phones at the same time.

Travel out, friends of different models can also charge together, save money and sweet~