"Micro test" cheap goods: iPhone PD quick charging head_ Charger


Iwalk's 18W charger is packaged in a white box with some information such as brand name and product features printed on the front. It's a positive comparison... Well, it's arrogant to say that it's an international high-end intelligent accessory brand. To tell you the truth, it's better not to say this kind of slogan. It's the product that speaks the most realistically. What is often called high-end is generally not high-end. The back of the packing box should generally be printed with the basic information of the product, but Iwalk goes the opposite way here. In the lower left corner, the small one, the larger one and the visual one is "a letter to you", and this letter can be said to be a pile of nonsense.


The side is a anti-counterfeiting scratch code and a red logo that is unknown.


Open the packing box, and the charger is fixed in the middle groove of the plastic box. The package contains charger, warranty card and product certificate.


Iwalk 18W USB PD fast charging charger adopts PC flame retardant shell, and the surface is treated with bright surface baking paint. The surface of the shell is transition from flat arc surface to surface. The overall design style is simple, there is an assembly joint between the input end shell and the main body shell, and the front of the fuselage shell is printed with Iwalk brand.

The charger input is equipped with fixed international standard pin, which is not foldable.

Product name of standard product parameter information on input shell:

Travel charger


Model: qc44

Input: 110-240v~ 50/

Output: 5v/3a, 9v/2a, 12V/

Manufacturer: Shenzhen yiboyuan Electronics Co., Ltd

Through the above various small standards to find, we can see that the products are 3C certified.


The output connector shell adopts the design of concave. The black tongue usb-c interface at the center is not visible, and PD 18W and icon are printed next to the interface.


The net weight of the product is about 51g, which is a little longer than apple 18W charger. Compared with Anke 18W, this one is a big circle

According to its labeling and official website instructions, Iwalk charger supports apple 2.4a and usb-dcp protocol, as well as more than three fast charging protocols, such as Samsung AFC, Huawei fcp/scp, USB pd3.0.



Iwalk this 18W charger has a strange packaging design. The shell adopts grinding technology to feel comfortable. The single usb-c interface is for Apple users who need 18W fast charging (but now the charging speed of 20W apple is only for the previous 18W fast charging Apple phone).

It adopts the two pin plug which can not be folded, and it is not convenient to store.

The charger supports apple 2.4a protocol, DCP protocol, FCP protocol, and has power output of 9v2a and 12V gears. The maximum output power is 18W. In actual test, the charging line with MFI certification can meet the standard of Apple charging 50% in 30 minutes, and can also charge several mainstream Android devices on the market.

But for 18 yuan, it is still cost-effective and product satisfaction to buy a charging head specially for Apple's 18W PD.

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