Mate40 pro or cancel charger? Netizen: find X3 true conscience

Environmental protection has been the main theme in recent years, but the "environmental protection" in the mobile phone industry has aroused numerous complaints from consumers. Since Apple said "environmental protection", the iPhone 12 series no longer comes with chargers, and then many mobile phone manufacturers began to follow suit. For manufacturers, canceling the additional charger can reduce production costs; For users, the lack of a new mobile phone charger means that they have to pay for it, especially now that they are all high-power chargers, and the price is not cheap.

It can be said that Apple's call for environmental protection, coupled with the current industry situation of charger IC chip shortage, more and more manufacturers may cancel the bonus of charger in the future. If Huawei cancels the charger attached to the new version of mate40 pro, the pricing may be cheaper. Oppo, which is also a domestic head brand, has no news of canceling the charger. In the newly launched high-end flagship find X3 series, there are still 65W chargers at random.

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It is said that the mobile phones with free chargers are more popular among consumers. After all, there is no need to pay more. With free chargers, oppo find X3, priced from 4.5K, is undoubtedly a good choice for flagship mobile phones. By comparing Huawei's mate40 pro with it, we can see that oppo find X3's "2K resolution + 120Hz refresh rate" is much better than Huawei's mate40 pro's 90hz screen. At the same time, find X3 also has ltpo technology, which can realize the intelligent adjustment in the range of 1Hz ~ 120Hz, which also means that the mobile phone can intelligently match the appropriate frame rate according to the user's use scene, and can enjoy the first-class screen experience and save power at the same time.
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In addition, oppo find X3 also supports full link 10bit, and the screen and camera support 10bit color depth. Compared with the 8bit of Huawei's mate40 pro, oppo find X3's screen can display more colors without color fault. In addition to supporting 1 billion colors on the screen, oppo find X3 is also the first smartphone with wide-angle lens, ultra wide-angle lens and telephoto lens supporting 10 bit deep color images, helping users capture 1 billion color photos and videos in various scenes. It is worth mentioning that the image system specifications of oppo find X3 and find X3 Pro are the same. The flagship imx766 is used for both the main camera and the ultra wide angle, which can take clear images under weak light. At the same time, the free-form lens is added to the ultra wide angle end of oppo, which also makes the ultra wide angle imaging no longer have the effect of image edge distortion.

From the above comparison, we can learn in detail that in the 4.5K price, oppo find X3 is really conscientious, and it is more competitive than Huawei mate40 pro, which starts from 6K. And keep giving away 65W charger is a clear stream in the industry, insist on user experience first. For those who want to buy 5g mobile phones recently, oppo find X3 series is worth considering, and now it is on sale.