Make up for the shortage of Apple magnetic charger, evaluate the wireless charging bracket of bankex MagSafe

In addition to the newly designed iPhone 12 series, Apple also launched a new MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging interactive mode and the first official wireless charger.

This is the official 329 yuan MagSafe MagSafe wireless charging purchased by charging head network, and it has released detailed evaluation report and dismantling article.

Charging head network's evaluation of MagSafe is: the victory of ritual sense, the complete defeat of speed. Because at present Apple has and only has this wireless charger, and it is horizontal, it seems that the sense of ceremony still has some shortcomings.

Yes, it just can't stand. As a result, Benks Banksy, a domestic accessory manufacturer, took this opportunity to launch a vertical wireless charging bracket, which perfectly adapts to MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger to make up for the official lack of ritual sense.

1、 Product packaging box

There are engineers in charge of packaging boxes at Apple, because jobs thinks that the packaging boxes of products are the products that users see at first sight. The user's first impression of the internal product is also obtained from the packaging box, so the packaging box of the product is very important.

This is the vertical wireless charging bracket launched by bankex for MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger this time. The appearance of this vertical wireless charging bracket can be seen from the front of the packaging box.

On the back of the box is a brief introduction of this product. The name of the product is wireless charging bracket. The model is L37, the appearance is silver, the size is about 131x87x87mm, the weight is about 150g, and the material is metal and silica gel.

Open the box directly, the products in the box are also very simple, such as wireless filling bracket, L-type wrench and paper instructions.

2、 Bonkers wireless charging bracket

In order to provide a better wireless charging experience, there are several major elements that are necessary. If this bracket of bankex has it, let's take a look.

As stated on the package, the overall appearance of the product is silver. The MagSafe charger device slot on the top is supported by a metal rod, and a large metal plate on the bottom plays a stabilizing role.

The MagSafe groove on the top adopts an integrated molding design. The middle part is hollowed out directly on a metal plate, and a circle of silica gel is on the inner wall, which can prevent the shell around the charger from being scratched when the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger is put in.

The front of the groove is close-up, and the circular area on the top is used to dismantle the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger. The circular silica gel in the middle can provide support for the back of the charger, and the cable hole is reserved below to facilitate the cable of the charger from below.

The back close-up of the top groove, the support rod and the top support groove can be 180 mm ° Rotation, convenient for users to adjust different posture.

The design of the base part of the bracket is very simple. There is only a silver gray "Benks" brand logo on the front, and it won't stand out very much on the silver base.

The bottom of the base is a large piece of silica gel, placed on the desktop can play a role in anti-skid, so that the bracket can be firmly attached to the desktop.

There is an inner hexagon screw at the bottom to fix the support rod in the middle, and an inner hexagon wrench is attached in the package, which is convenient for users to disassemble and assemble at any time and is conducive to storage and finishing.

The installation of MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charger is also very simple, just put the charging panel into the groove at a vertical angle, and the cable part goes along the left cable slot to the back.

Then the iPhone 12 can use the original MagSafe magnetic wireless charger and enjoy the upright posture.

4、 Horizontal to vertical

With the blessing of Benks wireless charger bracket, MagSafe magnetic wireless charger can finally have a second use posture.

At present, apple original magnetic absorption wireless charger has and only has this kind, and only has horizontal type, which is inconvenient in use. However, with the wireless charging bracket of Benks, the iPhone 12 can be used in both the original magnetic wireless charging and the upright posture.

The Benks wireless charging bracket allows the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, which is only used in horizontal posture, to be used standing, and the iPhone 12 can also be used standing at a just right angle while charging wirelessly. Put on the desk, if the mobile phone to message, just a glance can view the message, no need to pick up the mobile phone.

Summary of charging head network

MagSafe magnetic wireless charger is the first official wireless charger for iPhone 12 launched by apple. Its appearance brings a new interactive way for wireless charging. With the click of iPhone 12 and the unique wireless charging animation, MagSafe magnetic wireless charger is full of ritual. But there is only one thing. At present, MagSafe is only horizontal, which seems to make this unique sense of ceremony lack something.

It's the only drawback of MagSafe's interaction that it can't charge wirelessly standing up, so Benks launched such a wireless charging bracket to make up for it. In terms of appearance design, this bracket of Benks adopts silver appearance, and the wide metal base can make the bracket fixed on the desktop. The upper groove adopts integrated cutting process, which is perfect for MagSafe charger.

There is a circle of silica gel on the inner side of the groove to avoid scratching the shell of MagSafe. A circular hole is reserved at the bottom of the groove to facilitate the disassembly of the charger, and a wire channel is reserved at the bottom to facilitate the wiring. In actual use, whether the mobile phone is put up or taken down, whether it is vertical or horizontal, the bracket can provide stable support.

If the MagSafe magnetic wireless charger has a little deficiency in the use of interaction, then this bracket of Benks just makes up for this deficiency and makes it a icing on the cake.