Lvlian has launched four types of on-board fast charging chargers to meet the needs of Huawei, apple, Xiaomi and other users

Unconsciously, people spend a lot of time every day in the process of commuting. It is necessary for players to prepare charging equipment for each place at home, in the company and on the commuting road. Their little friends even spend hours in the car every day to ensure that the power of digital products is abundant.

Car voltage 12V, truck voltage 24V, PD fast charging, QC fast charging, FCP fast charging, different digital product protocols are different. In the face of different users' fast charging needs, green alliance has launched four types of fast charging vehicle chargers, which are developed according to users' pain points to adapt to different users.
Lvlian three in one car charger (cd204 84w)

Most cars have only one cigarette lighter extension interface. For users who need cigarette lighters, it will cause conflicts when the car charge takes up the cigarette lighter interface. Based on the fast charging car charger, the green link three in one car fast charging charger adds a cigarette lighter expansion interface. Even if the car lighter jack is occupied, there is no need to worry that other devices cannot be used.

The green link three in one on-board fast charging charger has a cigarette lighter output interface, which can support common cigarette lighter power equipment, with a maximum output power of 60W (12v5a), a usb-a fast charging interface and a usb-c PD fast charging interface. PC fireproof hot shell edge with a circle of red LED atmosphere lamp, working state at a glance, and convenient for users to insert cable positioning. Built in over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, over temperature protection, over power protection and other measures, so that car owners can feel at ease.

The usb-c supports three fixed voltage outputs of 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.67a, and the maximum output power is 20W, which perfectly matches the use of iPhone 12. Usb-a supports 5v3a / 9v2a / 12v1.5a three fixed voltage output, the maximum output power is 18W, supports PD, qc3.0, FCP, AFC and other common fast charging protocols, dual USB ports output 5v4.8a at the same time, and three ports output 84w at the same time.

Lvlian 2C on board fast charger (cd21340w)

The detailed model of lvlian dual usb-c car charger is cd213, with metal body design and two usb-c output ports. The output performance of usb-c1 and usb-c2 is the same. They both support three fixed voltage outputs of 5v3a / 9v2.22a/12v1.67a. The maximum output power of single port is 20W, and the total global output power is 40W.

Greenlink dual usb-c car charger is developed based on USB PD fast charging standard. In addition to supporting pd3.0 fast charging, it also has common fast charging protocols such as qc3.0, FCP, AFC and apple2.4a, which can provide corresponding fast charging support for mainstream digital products.

For example, usb-c1 for iPhone 12 charging handshake 20W PD fast charging, usb-c2 for iPad Pro handshake 20W PD fast charging, driver and passenger devices charging together, there is no need to worry about interface interference.

Lvlian 1a1c on board fast charger (cd21336w)

Many users have different old and new devices on hand at the same time, and their interface data lines are not the same. How can they completely deal with different devices on hand? Lvlian launched the 1a1c dual fast charging car charger, which has a usb-c output port and a usb-a output port. Both new and old devices can take good care of each other.

Green link 1a1c dual fast charging vehicle charger usb-c supports pd3.0 fast charging output and PPS voltage subset function, which is suitable for mainstream digital products. Usb-a interface supports qc3.0, FCP, AFC, apple2.4a and other common fast charging protocols. Most Android products and mobile power supply can be used for handshake fast charging, and 1a1c universal oil can be used for matching.

In the face of dual device charging at the same time, the green link 1a1c dual fast charging vehicle charger can be 18W + 18W dual port fast charging output at the same time, and the dual independent circuit design output ports do not interfere with each other, which can not only make the two devices charging together, but also ensure the two devices charging together, and quickly restore the endurance.

Green link Huawei fast charging car charger (CD222) Huawei mobile phone supports USB PD fast charging protocol, but if you want to experience faster charging speed, you still have to use Huawei private protocol. Therefore, green link launched green link Huawei fast charging car charger (CD222), which supports Huawei fast charging and dual port output, and has a more suitable matching degree than PD fast charging. The CD222 has two output interfaces and a black tongue usb-a output port, which supports 5v2.4a output. It is mainly used for dash cam and low-power digital products. One purple usb-a output port, supporting 10v2a / 9v2a / 12v1.5a/5v3a, multiple voltage levels, with Huawei private fast charging protocol.

The CD222 is made of pure copper, which radiates heat quickly. It supports dual port output at the same time, with power up to 20W + 12W. When it is used in the face of dual color cup, the dual output does not interfere with each other. It supports the use of 12-24V bus and trolley voltage, and supports Huawei 10v2a SCP, 9v2a FCP, qc3.0, AFC and other fast charging protocols.

The above is the introduction of the four kinds of fast charging car chargers of lvlian. The three in one car charger of lvlian has the configuration of 1a1c, in addition, it contains a cigarette lighter expansion socket, which does not occupy the only cigarette lighter interface when using car charging, and other digital products can also be used. The 2C car charger of lvlian has two usb-c output ports, which supports dual 20W fast charging output at the same time, and can be used for dual iPhones 12 fast charging at the same time; the green link 1a1c on-board fast charger is equipped with universal oil configuration, and the new and old equipment are free from mutual interference; the green link Huawei fast charging on-board charger is equipped with a Huawei fast charging output port and a 5v2.4a output port, so Huawei users can get faster charging experience. They all support 12-24 V voltage input, suitable for different user groups, small partners can choose according to their own needs.