Logitech releases 3 in 1 Wireless charger: solving three charging problems at one time

March 12 - according to foreign media reports on 9to5mac, Logitech recently launched a new 3-in-1 wireless charger, which can charge iPhone, airpods and apple watch at the same time. At present, the product has been sold on Logitech official websites in the United States and Canada as well as bestbuy, a Canadian e-commerce platform, at a price of 129.99 US dollars (equivalent to 900 yuan).

Logitech's three in one wireless charging base is not like the traditional charging base in appearance design, but more like the decoration on the bedside / desk, with two options of graphite and white; It supports up to 7.5W wireless charging, and its power is not high; Built in thermal sensor supports automatic temperature control to prevent overheating caused by wireless charging; It can charge iPhone, airpods and apple watch at the same time, saving the trouble of preparing multiple charging bases for Apple users.

Wireless charging technology is also the standard function of smart phones in recent years. Under the leadership of apple, a large number of mobile phone manufacturers began to study wireless charging technology. Now Xiaomi has achieved the mass production of 30W wireless charging technology, and is moving towards the mass production of 40W wireless fast charging. The vivo apex 2020 concept machine is equipped with the unprecedented 65W wireless fast charging, and the speed difference between wireless charging and wired charging is gradually narrowing.

The principle of wireless charging technology is to use electromagnetic induction, and the power supply equipment (charging base) transmits the energy to the power device, and then the device uses the received energy to charge the battery, and at the same time for its own operation. Because the energy is transmitted by magnetic field between the charger and the electric device, and there is no wire connection between them, the charger and the electric device can achieve no conductive contact exposure.

At present, the advantage of wireless charging is that it can be discharged as soon as it is charged, which reduces the problems of traditional wired charging, such as complicated plug-in and plug-in, poor interface, poor versatility and so on. Its disadvantage is that the wireless charging base still needs a radish and a pit, and the speed difference between wireless fast charging and wired fast charging, and the heating caused by wireless fast charging are not easy to solve at present.

In addition to the three in one wireless charging base, Logitech has also brought two other new products, namely, Logitech's powered stand vertical wireless charging base with a price of US $59.99 (equivalent to RMB 417) and Logitech's powered pad fashion wireless charging base with a price of US $39.99 (equivalent to RMB 280). Logitech's powered stand allows users to use their mobile phones when charging wirelessly, while Logitech's powered pad has five fashionable colors to choose from, which can unlock more wireless charging postures for users.