Let the mobile phone stand charging bracket! Brush drama, fight landlord play all day will not run out of electricity, support fast charging

Why do some people have good looks, but they don't have heterosexual affinity?

Whether the opposite sex is good or not is metaphysics.

Just now, Xiaolei was chased by the beautiful lady again.

All thanks to Xiaolei's recent purchase of this mobile phone bracket.

Maybe someone wants to make complaints about it. Is it just a broken stent? Apart from being as like as two peas, the practicality is not the same as that of the plastic shelves that the takeaway merchants take.

absolutely wrong.

Is Xiaolei like this kind of person who pursues ostentation!

This stand has another hidden identity: Wireless charger.

Working hours: in the recent national shopping carnival, the most information received every day is the promotion information of the merchants. The mobile phone is standing beside the computer, new news comes in and takes a second to see the content, and non important information continues to work.

Not because pick up the mobile phone, hand cheap point open other content let thoughts drift away, is to improve work efficiency right-hand assistant.

Lunch break, brush micro blog, brush drama, fight landlord, hands do not have to hold a mobile phone, refused to bow. Eating while playing, life is very comfortable. The mobile phone will not be short of power, and the pop-up window will affect the experience.

This wireless charger is carefully selected by Xiaolei after comparing dozens of wireless chargers on the market.

No, I was seen by the little sister in the next station. She asked me to buy a link, which was bombed by wechat every day.

In general, this wireless charger is practical and can be installed ×, Can also attract little sister, seckill most of the wireless chargers on the market.

Compared with hundreds of other chargers, Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger only costs more than 100 yuan, and its cost performance is unmatched.

Mobile phone charging standing, never power off?

Most of the wireless chargers on the market have a small round plate, which can be recharged when the mobile phone is put on. It saves the action of plugging and plugging, and there is no cable winding. It sounds very convenient.

Xiao Lei bought one before, and after using it for a few days, he angrily made a list of shortcomings

When there is a call or message on the mobile phone, you either lean forward or you have to free one hand to get the mobile phone. Often interrupt the pace of work.

If you want to read information or check information, you have to pick up your mobile phone. At this time, the mobile phone will be disconnected. I'm tired of it over and over again. I'm tired of cell phones.

Charging speed is too slow, slower than tortoise.

It has large volume, occupies a large space, and is not convenient to carry out.

Eat the front of the loss, Xiaolei hand this charger, completely avoid the above problems.

Because the charging board and the coil of the charger are separated independently, the small round board in the middle of the wireless charger "whew" pops out to let the mobile phone stand charging.

It can be placed horizontally or vertically. You need to look at information and answer the phone when you work. It is usually placed vertically.

The key is that no matter how long you play, your mobile phone won't run out of power.

Not only that, it supports height adjustment, and the charging board has multiple height adjustments.

No matter the small screen mobile phone, the large screen mobile phone or the Big Mac mobile phone, they are all adaptable, especially humanized.

You can also adjust the angle, 30 °~ seventy ° The adjustment space, a little pressure on the line, ultra convenient operation.

The angle is more variable than ordinary bracket. It's no exaggeration. This is a wonderful bracket I've used!

When not in use, just push the charging board to the side of the button to lock the charging board.

The advantage of this design is that it can avoid the charging board bouncing up accidentally, protect the mobile phone from bouncing off, and it is also convenient to carry out. The charger is flat and compact, and it will not occupy too much space in the trunk.

Of course, it can be used as a normal wireless charger, flat for regular charging. A variety of charging methods to meet your different needs.

Many of Xiao Lei's friends are heartbroken by the wireless charger. After listening to my Amway, they become real Xiangdi one by one. I harvest a bunch of rainbow farts by the way, and people almost float to the sky.

Support fast charging, Qi intelligent matching device

When the wireless charger was just launched, the status of conventional charging was in danger.

But the industry is still shallow, their own hardware strength is not enough, charging is too slow

A fatal slot is lost.

However, over the years, wireless charger technology has become more and more mature.

This wireless charger can intelligently identify different devices of apple and Android, and adapt to the corresponding charging power, so as to ensure safe charging without damaging the machine.

As long as the mobile phone supports Qi protocol, it can match 7.5W and 10W high-power fast charging.

The maximum sensing distance is 5mm, and the response is sensitive. It can charge smoothly through the mobile phone case.

Don't believe you see, as soon as the mobile phone is close to the charger, it doesn't take 3 seconds to put it down to charge. This speed is in love.

In addition, the wireless charger has built-in MCU and charging management chip to protect the charging safety from over-current, over-voltage, over temperature and short circuit.

In terms of safety, unlike inferior products, it's frightening to make an unknown sound while charging.

There is also a problem with the charging equipment of poor quality. It has abnormal heat, which is like a hot potato.

This wireless charger separates the charging board from the coil, providing a wider cooling space, so it is not easy to heat.

In addition, two rows of heat dissipation holes are set on the left and right sides behind the charging board, so that the charger can actively dissipate heat without accumulating heat in the machine.

Just ask, is there a more intimate, humanized and powerful wireless charger on the market?

Every design of Boway Z1 foldable wireless charger breaks through the shortcomings of ordinary wireless charger. Now, I can't find any fault.

You Yan has strength, shares are not lost!