Less data cable replacement, data cable protective cover ready in advance

Most people replace the data cable more frequently than replace the headphones, and even suddenly accept the news that the data cable is broken! If you want to reduce the situation of data cable broken, you have to have a good understanding of the data cable protector~

As long as you are a friend who uses a mobile phone, you have to deal with the data cable every day. Whether it is charging directly with a charging head or charging with a power bank, the data cable will be "disconnected"~

And do you have the same feeling as me that the damage of the data cable is a sudden situation, which is unexpected, so the data cable protective cover is very important! Those who think of high-quality happiness everyday, of course, the bed can not always use the data cable that has broken skin to expose the core, of course, the best protection for the data cable! The data cable is still the original good, but the original data cable is so expensive, we still have to protect it! Please accept the list of super cute data cable protection covers~

The main material is silica gel, which has a good wear-resistant effect. The cute and cute cartoon animal head is installed at the connection of data cable, which can protect the data cable from "broken head" from the visual point of view, it has a very young girl's heart and small fresh feeling. The sticker of charging head adopts imported 3M sticker to display the pattern clearly, and the shape of small wings is the eye absorbing device!

Made of silica gel, the lovely tiger opening and charging head are perfectly combined, and also have a good anti-wear effect, but will not reduce the appearance value.

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Not only is it a data cable protector, but also a good receiver. PVC material can not only provide the most stable protection for data cable, but also can be stored neatly. Besides Apple data cable, it is also suitable for domestic mobile phone charging line. The lovely Disney Mickey's head image must be very attractive and mini when placed on the data cable~

Made of plastic rubber, soft silicone material is closely attached to the data cable, which has the function of anti shock and crack prevention. The plug of the data cable is not easy to fall, and it is compact and delicate and lovely.

The combination of data cable protection head and winding device can protect the data cable in all directions, and soft silica gel has a good shock protection effect. The appearance design of magic cherry is very attractive~

Choose the sticker material which is not easy to leave glue, easy to paste, at the same time, the design of storage rope and bag is very intimate, for mobile phone double storage portable, at the same time lovely cartoon animals are not out of date!

Besides the design of the rope biting device, there is also the cute design of the butt protection cover. With high quality materials, the classic Disney cartoon characters lie near the charging port, adding a lot of childish interest.

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The lovely and interesting Solon is our childhood memory, especially the character has a different hand feeling. The closed design is very convenient to dismantle and dismantle!