Lenovo's gallium nitride, a new generation of mini lipstick charger

Recently, ThinkPlus, a subsidiary of Lenovo, a well-known PC manufacturer, has launched a 65W Gan fast charging charger gan65. As a new generation of lipstick power supply, it is smaller, lighter and more powerful with the blessing of Gan Gan Gan. It is worth mentioning that this is the first Gan fast charging device launched by a large notebook manufacturer. It is believed that under the leadership of Lenovo, Xiaomi and other well-known enterprises, Gan Gan technology will become more and more popular, and more Gan chargers for mobile phones and laptops can be expected in the future.

ThinkPlus's new 65W USB PD Gan fast charging charger is not only compact and light, but also equipped with foldable pins. In addition, it supports QC and PD fast charging and PPS voltage range. In addition to the notebook, support mobile phone, tablet fast charge is no exception. As the first Gan charger launched by a large notebook manufacturer, the charging head network will disassemble and share it in detail to see how the charger is designed and manufactured.


1 ThinkPlus 65W Gan charger appearance

The hard paper packaging box of the product adopts the design of heaven and earth cover, the top cover is black, the front center is printed with the charger appearance diagram, the top left corner is the product name, and the bottom is the "ThinkPlus" brand words.

The bottom box of the package is red, and the characteristics and related parameters of the product are marked.

Open the box, place the charger and data cable in the groove, and the data cable is packed in plastic bags.

A list of all the things in the package, including charger, data cable and instruction manual.

The charger is wrapped with anti scratch protective film.

ThinkPlus 65W Mini Gan charger adopts cuboid shape design, bright surface design of input and output shell, matte treatment of waist, and arc surface transition between each surface, which is convenient for plug-in and plug-in.

The front and back of the waist are printed with "ThinkPlus" with small red dots.

The input shell is marked with the parameter information of charger model: gan65 input: 100v-240v ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5A output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, 20V / 3.25a manufacturer: Nanjing borand Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. the product has passed CCC certification and class VI energy efficiency certification.

And the input is equipped with foldable GB pin, which is more convenient to carry and will not scratch other electronic products.


The output end is equipped with a usb-c interface, and the black rubber core is not exposed to copper.

The measured charger length is 65.08mm with vernier caliper.

The width is 31.30mm. The thickness is 31.27mm. The volume of the charger is 63.7cm ³ The power density is 1.02w/cm ³ The volume of ThinkPlus 65W Gan charger gan65 and ThinkPlus 45W charger pa45 is the same, but much smaller than ThinkPlus 65W charger pa65. Large power, smaller volume, Gan advantages fully reflected.

The thickness is larger than the diameter of a dollar coin.

The net weight is about 94g.

The output protocol of usb-c port is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt002. The display supports DCP protocol and qc2.0 and qc3.0 fast charging protocols.

In addition, the PDO message shows that the usb-c port also supports the USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, with five fixed voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v3.25a and a group of PPS voltage ranges of 5-11v / 3a.

2 Disassembly of ThinkPlus 65W Gan charger

The shell of the input end is packaged by ultrasonic welding, the pins are packaged and fixed by plastic plate, and the power between the input end and the PCB board is connected by metal spring contact.

The whole PCBA module is wrapped with metal heat sink to increase the heat dissipation area and evenly dissipate heat. In addition, the heat sink is pasted with adhesive tape and insulated with isolation plate.

The back of PCB board is also provided with heat sink and isolation board.

A small PCB board is vertically welded on the side of the main control circuit board, one of which is a huge high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitor and flat transformer.


At the back of PCB board, there is enough safety distance between the primary stage, optocoupler straddles between them, y capacitor adopts chip type, and two capacitors are connected in series.


Through the observation and analysis of the front and back circuit of PCB board, it is found that ThinkPlus 65W USB PD Gan charger adopts a typical architecture of switching power supply with wide range output and protocol chip controlling the output voltage. Now we start from the input to understand the components one by one.


Summary of dismantling charging head net


This Lenovo ThinkPlus 65W Mini Gan charger continues the "lipstick" design. With the support of Gan, the size is further compressed, and it is equipped with foldable pins, which is small, convenient and easy to carry. Usb-c port supports qc2.0, qc3.0 and USB pd3.0 fast charging, with 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v3.25a and 5.00-11.0v/3a voltage ranges, which can easily meet the fast charging requirements of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other types of devices.

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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we know that this charger adopts the typical architecture of switching power supply single switch flyback, wide range output and protocol chip control output voltage. The AC-DC part of the charger is composed of Anson ncp1342 with nano micro nv6125 Gan power devices, and mp6908a with Infineon MOS; Finally, the output is controlled by wt6636f. Chips are from well-known manufacturers in the industry, the overall solid material.

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The input and output components are glued and reinforced, two additional small PCB boards are designed for welding components to increase space utilization, and the use of flat transformer can effectively reduce the volume. In addition, the whole PCBA module is wrapped with heat sink to improve the heat dissipation area and even heat dissipation.a