It's time to get rid of the 5W charging head, speed elf 20W charger evaluation

Original title: it's time to throw away the 5W charging head, speed elf 20W charger evaluation

Shenzhen Mobile Speed Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to mobile phone accessories, storage peripheral, intelligent life peripheral. As a wholly-owned brand of Aohai technology for consumers, Yisu is the core manufacturer of mobile phone original chargers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo. It has strong technology development ability and excellent quality control. At the same time, Aohai technology is also an outstanding listed technology company.


With a strong Aohai technology to do endorsement, I believe that speed technology in product development is also a great strength. In the face of the move that the iPhone 12 is no longer equipped with standard charger, which brings huge market vacancy for the third-party 20W PD charger market, the company also launched its own 20W PD charger to provide consumers with more choices. Let's take a look at this new product.

1 Introduction of 20W PD charger

  1. Product packaging box

The box has its own hook, which is convenient for offline businesses to sell. The "move speed" in the upper left corner is the brand logo of moving speed, and the 20W in the upper right corner also shows the performance of the product.

The side is the specific performance parameters of this product, which will be seen later.

The other side is marked with the characteristics of the product, which supports PD fast charging, intelligent low temperature, self-contained intelligent identification chip, and has a variety of security protection.

When you open the box directly, the charger is wrapped by a thick inner liner, and it is also protected by an anti scratch bag. In addition, there are instructions for the product.

  1. Moving speed elf 20W PD charger

The overall shape of the 20W PD charger is more mellow, the shell is of bright design style, and one side of the pin is flattened. As shown in the figure, in order to make the best use of the internal space of the charger, the pins are designed to be non foldable.

The brand logo of "move speed" is printed on the side of the shell.

The interface part is designed as a single usb-c physical output interface, which supports the blind insertion of the positive and negative physical output, and does not need to pay attention to the positive and negative interface when connecting the data cable.


The 20W mark on the shell also shows the performance of the product.

The specific parameter information of the product is printed on one side of the pin. The details are as follows.

Model: ysfcp101-20w

Power: 20.04w Max

Input: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 0.5A Max

Output: 5v3a

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yisu Technology Co., Ltd

made in China

  1. Volume and weight parameter 3. Charging compatibility test
  1. Charging the device

IPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest and largest iPhone at present. It supports Pd / fast charging. The charger is used to charge iPhone 12 Pro max. the measured power is 9.02v 2.18a 19.68w, successfully triggering PD fast charging mode.

Samsung S21 supports PPS / Pd / QC fast charging protocol. Charging Samsung S21 with a charger has a power of 8.06v 2.10A 17.00w. Charging Samsung S21 with usb-c interface of PD charger will trigger PD fast charging first.

IPad air 4 is the latest product line of Apple's iPad air series. The charging interface has also been changed from lightning to usb-c. the iPad air 4 supports PD fast charging, and uses a charger to charge the iPad air 4 with a power of 9.02v 2.12a 19.21w, successfully triggering PD fast charging.


MacBook Air M1 is Apple's latest new computer equipped with self-developed chip. Its USB4 interface supports PD fast charging. The charger is used to charge MacBook Air M1 with a power of 9.02v 1.89a 17.05w. At this time, it is in PD fast charging state.

Call out the detailed charging data when charging the device, and you can see that the power-z km001c tester has read the PDO output gear of the charger.

At this time, the device applies for 9V 2.22a fast charging gear from the charging head, and then the charger adjusts to the output gear to charge the device. After a series of operations, the charger can provide different fast charging gears according to different output devices.

This is also a major feature of the power-z km001c tester, which can monitor a series of changes from charging when the device is connected to the charger to the appropriate fast charging output gear.

Summary of charging head network

Moving speed of this elf 20W charger appearance using square shape design, all around and interface panel shell for bright surface design, face to face interface processing is more mellow. The charger is equipped with a single usb-c physical output interface, and the pins are designed with fixed pins, so that the three-dimensional parameters of the charger can be controlled at 27.99x27.43x, and the power density can be improved ³ From the official product rendering, we can see that the charger adopts three-dimensional layout and uses multiple PCBs to form the main frame. The advantage of this is that it can not only increase the space utilization, but also make the charger more stable.

In terms of performance, the charger supports the fast charging protocols of,, qc4 +, PD, PPS and mtk-pe, three fixed voltage ranges of 5v3a,, and three PPS fast charging ranges of 3.3-5.9v 3a and 3.3-11v 2A. In the actual compatibility test, charging for Apple devices can trigger PD fast charging protocol, and charging power for Huawei mobile phones can reach 19W, which is a good performance. The charging curve of iPhone 12 and apple 20W PD charger almost coincide, and their performance is similar. But the body size of the moving speed elf is almost the same as that of the apple 5W charger, but its performance is the same as that of the big brother apple 20W PD charger.

Moving speed, the English name of the brand, only understands the product from the perspective of the brand. We can see that moving speed is committed to the research and development of fast charging products, and strives to compress the volume under the premise of ensuring the performance. With Aohai technology as its endorsement, the speed of transfer naturally needs not worry about the R & D strength and quality of products.

The 20W charger is the same size as Apple's 5W charger. There are more than 2 billion Apple chargers in the world introduced in the launch of iPhone 12, among which the proportion of 5W chargers is also very large. At present, there are still not a few users charging iPhone with Apple's 5W charger. Now, it's time to replace the same size Apple 5W charger with the speed elf 20W charger. Go back to Sohu to see more