It's so expensive to buy an iPhone, why don't you even have a charger?

Congratulations, Apple's 5v1a charger is finally going to be history.

The highest price of the iPhone has exceeded 10000, and the 5v1a charger is obviously out of place. Since the iPhone 11 Pro was launched last year, apple began to provide a random 18W fast charging charger, and a lot of fruit powder went to their conscience.

This year, the good news is that the fast charging specification has been "upgraded" to 20W. The bad news is that the original product may not come with it. If you want, please buy it yourself.

Not only the headphones, but also the charger

In fact, it has been reported that the iPhone 12 series will not come with earpods wired earphones. On the one hand, the usage rate of earpods is very low. Real wireless has become popular, and few people can see earpods with them. Whether it's commuting or office, it's better to cut down the cost; Second, Apple also hopes to boost the sales of airpods, even if it is out of stock.

From my personal use habits, I can accept cutting off earpods (if the price is really reduced) because it is rarely used any more.

But the latest news shows that the new iPhone 12 series may not even have a charger.

According to the current disclosure, Apple will support 20W (9V x 2.22a) PD fast charging in the iPhone 12 series, which is still the connection mode of usb-c to lightning (the iPhone with C port may be at least until next year, more likely never).

In fact, Apple has already supported Pd fast charging on iPhone 8, but last year's iPhone 11 Pro came with a fast charging charger for the first time.

This year, the fast charging specification has been slightly improved to 20W. Although there is still a gap with the top 65W of Android, it is much better than 5W.

However, in order to control the cost, Apple has come up with another tough move: it doesn't come with a charger at random.

Guo Mingxu of Tianfeng securities predicted that the iPhone 12 series launched in the second half of this year will cancel the attached charger to reduce costs, and from the second half of this year, the iPhone se will also start to cancel the attached charger.

In this regard, Guo believes that supporting 5g will significantly increase the material cost of iPhone 12. In order to maintain the same starting price as last year's iPhone 11, apple chooses to control the cost in other ways; In addition, earpods will not be included with the headset.

Guo also mentioned that 20W chargers will be mass produced in the second half of the year, while the previous 5W and 18W chargers will be discontinued. Apple really wants to get rid of the old 5v1a, but it still needs users' help.

Not only Mr. Guo, but also an analyst at the British Bank of Barclays, said that Apple may not attach any chargers to the iPhone 12, leaving only a usb-c to lightning cable in the box. Users need to buy a new 20W charger, which costs about $29, the same as the current 18W charger. This is similar to the practice of airpods. They are all wired without chargers.

The price of iPhone accessories is not low. The price of the original 5v1a charger on the official website is 145 yuan, and the price of the fast charging is even more expensive. The price of the usb-c to lightning cable (1 meter) is 145 yuan, and the price of the 18W usb-c charger is 243 yuan, which adds up to nearly 400 yuan; The price of the lightning port is 223 yuan.

Of course, this is the selling price, not the cost price, but cutting this part will still significantly increase the profits of the whole machine. The entire iPhone 12 screen is replaced with OLED, and the use of Qualcomm baseband will have to pay taxes. Finally, the shell is replaced, which leads to the need to reopen the mold... A variety of factors jointly determine that the cost of the whole machine will be significantly increased. In order to maintain the consistent high profit margin, Cook, the master of cost management, chose to pick out the cost in some corners.

If Apple can control the starting price of the iPhone at the same level as last year, the iPhone 12, which has improved in screen, 5g and photo taking, will still have a high cost performance. It's just that users need to pay for a quick charge (the cheapest one is less than 100 yuan), or continue to use the old 5v1a at home.

It could be the norm

Domestic parts manufacturers, in fact, should be very happy to hear this news.

Apple Cable

Apple's fast charging is a more general PD protocol. In fact, it's very good to find a suitable fast charging scheme, and the price will not be very high. Many enterprises have passed MFI certification. Zimi's 18 w type-C Fast Charger + usb-c lightning data cable costs 85 yuan. If it's not too troublesome, there are a lot of accessories from domestic manufacturers such as lvlian, Pinsheng and Anker, which are cheap; Of course, those who are not bad for money can also go directly to Apple's official website.

In fact, it's not hard to understand that the old 5v1a charger can't be used in a big way, and the new fast charging charger is very expensive. Apple finally decided to send a cable and buy its own charger! The cost of decision-making is handed over to users. It's not difficult to buy fast charging chargers, but after all, there is still a certain threshold. We need to have a certain understanding of digital products.

As for the change of iPhone charger this time, my attitude is that I can understand but do not support it. At least send a 5v1a as a basic charging guarantee for those who use iPhone for the first time. If we insist on the advantages, in addition to reducing the starting price, the packing box can be smaller, saving transportation costs, and more conducive to environmental protection.
Apple Cable
There is also a key sentence in the report of Tianfeng Securities: "and Android mobile phones may follow this change in the future." Shen Yiren, who just left the post of vice president of oppo, also expressed a similar view on Weibo: at present, the specifications of domestic mobile phones in fast charging do run very fast, but the agreements of each company are often exclusive. If we follow Apple's practice and cancel the charger bonus, we can see that the mobile phones in China can be used for charging, So it is bound to make the cost of fast charging increase significantly, unless it can really make a profit on the starting price (at least not lower than the official price of the charger).

But the consumer's psychology is actually very subtle. If you sell 3999 as a free charger, you can accept it. If you sell 3799 as a free charger, you need to add 200 to the charger. That's a bit awkward.

There is no need to make a fuss about the change of the charger. The accessories attached to the mobile phone itself are also a process of change. In the era of functional phones and smart phones getting up early, there are quite a lot of accessories in a mobile phone, including not only earphones, but also protective cases, car chargers and even pendant dolls; But now, a charger and a mobile phone are "standard". Only a few brands will provide earphones in the packaging box. It's a pity that the earphones they send are tasteless. Samsung's AKG is very conscientious, but some users are ready to eat; It's only in the last year or two that we've had the practice of sending the mobile phones back to the market.

iPhone 12 charger port

When Apple cancelled the 3.5mm flash to headset interface, it was also scolded miserably. But now most users have moved to the wireless era, and chargers are the same. Fortunately, we can still buy a good charger instead of being forced to use wireless charging.

Anyway, just as we are used to not having 3.5mm headphone holes, we are likely to get used to the days when we buy mobile phones without chargers.