It's safe and easy to use. It's full of beauty! Yushengshi mobile phone bracket experience

[reasons for starting]

In the past, I never paid attention to the mobile phone bracket. Until I drove to a place a few days ago, I found that I was not familiar with the road. I often used the mobile phone map navigation when driving. The trouble came... Usually I put my mobile phone beside the ashtray (the middle of the two front seats). This is the blind area of driving vision, Every time I look at the map, I have to turn my head to look at the mobile phone. My wife in the second seat is worried. Ah, it seems that I have to buy a mobile phone bracket. Before buying, I did some homework online. There are many models, including dashboard / windshield mount, CD slot mount and air conditioner outlet mount. First of all, I decided that I wanted to buy the air conditioner outlet installation type, which would block the view a little when it was installed on the glass. My CD player has no slot, so I can only choose this type. Then I saw a magical style that can charge wirelessly and open and close automatically. I thought it was quite novel, but I'd better buy it. Let's share it.

[unpacking and product details]

This is a mobile phone bracket from usams, the specific model is us-cd133.

The objects in the box are as follows: a mobile phone bracket, an air conditioner outlet clip, USB charging cable and a manual.

Most of the shell area of mobile phone bracket is PC + ABS, and the color is dark green and black, which is quite heavy in hand.

The bottom is the mobile phone tray. You can see a hole in the middle of the tray, so that the mobile phone charging cable can directly run through the past and charge the mobile phone on the bracket. However, this mobile phone bracket itself supports wireless charging. If your mobile phone does not support wireless charging, additional cables will be used to charge your mobile phone.

Apple Cable

The power supply interface of the mobile phone bracket is type-C, plug in the front and back freely! Input specification is 9v-1.67a, any USB of cigarette lighter interface can supply power to it.

On the back, the air outlet clip of the air conditioner is separated from the mobile phone bracket, and the user only needs to manually install it together.

There is a loudspeaker in the back corner. After the mobile phone bracket is powered on, it will tell you the current running status in English.

On the left side of the mobile phone bracket is a metal touch button. Press it lightly, and the clamping arm will open or close. On the right side is a standard USB a output interface, which provides 5v-1a output, that is to say, it can also charge the second mobile phone. Although the power supply is not high, it has no problem for emergency.

The work of the air-conditioning outlet clip is good. There is a rubber pad inside the clip, which is conducive to protecting the wear of the air-conditioning fan blade. At the same time, it increases the resistance, and it will be more stable when it is installed in the air-conditioning outlet.

I simply tested the use of mobile phone bracket at home, and found a charger to power it! There is a blue light after the power is on. It looks pretty.

iPhone 12 charger port

The clamping arm can be opened or closed through the touch button on the side of the mobile phone bracket. Its arm looks a bit like a small wing, with a rubber gasket on the inside, which can be used to protect the side of the phone from wear.

[boarding experience]

The whole mobile phone bracket is clamped on the fan blade of the air outlet of the air conditioner through the air outlet clamp of the air conditioner. The stability is good. I don't mean to fall down even if I touch it or shake it. My mobile phone is oppo find x, and I also have a mobile phone case. If I put it on the mobile phone bracket, it won't fall down. The overall stability is excellent. It should be noted that the clamping arms on both sides must be opened manually. After the mobile phone is put in, the clamping arms will automatically retract to fix the mobile phone. This is quite humanized.

iPhone 12 charger port


Yushengshi's mobile phone bracket is excellent in workmanship. Although it can't be regarded as a high-tech product, the addition of the touch type arm clamping switch makes the driver more convenient in daily use. If it's a fully manual mobile phone bracket, you have to operate it with both hands to put in and take out the mobile phone, The whole process of yushengshi mobile phone bracket only needs one hand to complete, and its practicability is excellent. It's worth mentioning that this bracket has a built-in super capacitor, which has only one function: when your car stalls and the driver forgets to take the mobile phone out of the bracket, he doesn't need to ignite the car again. The super capacitor built in the bracket of yushengshi mobile phone can open and close the clamping arm five times without power supply. This small design shows that the manufacturer pays attention to the details.