Is zMi purple rice Apple MFI certified PD fast charging usb-c data cable worth it?

According to the latest data released by canalys, although Apple's mobile phone shipment in China fell in the third quarter, it still ranked in the top five in domestic market share. So whether on the street or in the subway, we can see people around us using apple phones at any time, and the recently released iPhone 11 has really made China's Apple phone market hot.


In fact, long-term users of Apple's mobile phone all know that before the iPhone 8, this so-called world's best smart phone did not support fast charging. At that time, the biggest pain point or envy of Apple's users was that many Android phones already had fast charging function, while their mobile phones were still 5V / 1A. Alas, they were all disgraced


From the beginning of iPhone 8, apple finally realized this problem and began to support fast charging, but the standard charger and data cable were still 5v1a. How to realize the fast charging of Apple mobile phone?


Simply put, you need to buy another apple original accessory adapter and data cable to support fast charging. And when we see the price of the original accessories, it's like we're in a daze..... One line costs 145 yuan (you can buy a home-made mobile phone for the elderly). However, in addition to the original accessories, Apple has also opened MFI certification for the three-party accessories, so that consumers can buy the three-party brand data line with the same fast charging function at a relatively low price.


Let's take a look at MFI first. In fact, MFI is the abbreviation of "made for iPhone / iPod / iPad". Translated into Chinese, MFI is specially designed for apple. In addition to the authorization of Apple logo, MFI also includes a series of design and manufacturing specifications and a set of strict testing procedures from apple, and products that have passed MFI certification, No matter from the design and quality can provide better protection for users.


The data cable introduced today is the PD fast charging data cable certified by Apple MFI, and it also supports the universal adapter of type-C to lightning flash charging charger cable. The price of the data cable certified by Apple MFI is almost the lowest, about one third of the original accessories of apple. This is the ZMI Purple Rice apple MFI certified PD fast charging usb-c data cable. This data cable can support 3A large current at most, If you use any PD protocol fast charger with 18W or above, the charging power can reach 18W max. the simple description is that if you use this combination to charge the iPhone XS, you can charge 50% of the power in 30 minutes.

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In addition, this data cable actually uses Apple's original c94 terminal head, which can resist oxidation and rust, and greatly improve the data transmission speed. It connects the intelligent device of lightning interface with the notebook, which has high transmission speed. Even large files can be quickly transmitted, which is very fast and convenient to use.


When it comes to data lines, what are we most afraid of? In fact, after using for a period of time, due to frequent bending, the line near the data line terminal broke, resulting in the failure to use. In fact, I have encountered this problem several times. The Zimi data line adopts high-quality core inside to further increase the cell area to reduce the resistivity and improve the charging transmission speed. Three layers of material protection are provided outside. There is no problem in bending test for 10000 times, which makes the wire more durable and safe in use. Through the above introduction, it is proved that this purple rice MFI certified PD fast charging usb-c data cable is very cost-effective.

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It is said that the price of each chip on the real apple MFI certified data line will reach US $3 + 17% VAT, and the data line manufacturer will have to pay Apple 21 yuan just to buy the chip, which does not include Apple's original c94 terminal head, high-quality cable, labor cost, etc., so the price of this data line is very appropriate, Friends in need might as well pay attention to it.