Is wireless charger the mainstream of the future? How to choose wireless charger?

With the continuous improvement of power supply quality, safety, reliability, convenience, instantaneity, special occasions, special geographical environment and other requirements of electrical equipment, the contact power transmission mode can not meet the actual needs.

Wireless charger is a device that uses electromagnetic induction principle to charge. Its principle is similar to transformer. By installing a coil at the sending and receiving end, the coil at the sending end sends electromagnetic signal to the outside under the action of power, and the receiving end coil receives the electromagnetic signal and converts the electromagnetic signal into current, so as to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is a special power supply mode. It does not need power line, relies on electromagnetic wave propagation, then converts electromagnetic energy into electric energy, and finally realizes wireless charging.

Today, many mobile phone manufacturers will add wireless charging to their flagship models. Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular, but it brings us a new charging experience. But usually, wireless charger will not be accompanied by the mobile phone. Users need to buy the relevant charger if they want to experience wireless charging. But at present, there are many wireless chargers / bases on the market, and there are different prices of products. So as a general user, how to buy Wireless charger / base? What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing?

Hege wireless charger is fashionable and light

[Qi standards and brands]
At present, the wireless charging base is the international Qi standard, and all mobile phones supporting wireless charging on the market use Qi standard, including Samsung and iPhone, millet and Hege. When buying, you should choose these big brands. For your own safety, do not buy cheap wireless chargers in a certain treasure.
[power cooling]
The basic factors to consider when choosing wireless charger are charging power and heat dissipation. Now the new wireless chargers are mainly for iPhone x, so the maximum power is basically 10W, which can support wireless fast charging. As for heat dissipation, if the wireless charging base is equipped with a fan, the heat dissipation performance will be relatively better.

Small charging base is convenient for storage and carrying, but it is not suitable for too small. The wireless charging itself is a convenient way to charge with one hand. If the charging base is small, the coil is small. Therefore, the coil of the base and mobile phone is difficult to be right. The experience can be imagined.
[horizontal or vertical]
Vertical is better than flat type, but it should be considered to put it on a safe basis. Of course, it is best to support vertical and peaceful placement at the same time. The main contact surface material is better than non glass material, on the one hand, glass is easy to slide and easy to flower.

Double coil is good, but it also requires size and may be too large. But it is important to note that some products have requirements for coil position, especially for vertical wireless charger. If the coil of mobile phone is just in the middle of the two coils of charger, it is very embarrassing.

Well, the above is the proposal of Hege technology for the purchase of wireless charger. However, at present, the wireless charging technology is only in the initial stage of R & D and application, and all aspects are not mature, so we can see it again.