Is there a better third-party Apple charger?

If your products are all apple, I recommend Anker, which has official certification and is also available in official stores.

One for two:

One for four:

If you have other products and have requirements for overall compatibility, you can choose a 65W or higher power multi port Gan charger.

For example:

Beisi and Nubia are both fast and good choices among the current Gan charging head brands, and they support many agreements. Of course, the green alliance, zhengtuo and dianyou are not detailed.

Which one to buy depends on the charging protocol and power of your device.

The most commonly supported protocol is PD. Some manufacturers have private protocols, such as Samsung, Huawei, vivo, and Xiaomi. If the fast charging protocol is private, you need to pay special attention to it. Otherwise, it's embarrassing to think that a 65W mobile phone can charge a 45W mobile phone, and the maximum is 10W, At this time, choose your own charger or the best choice.

Take the PD protocol for example

If the subject says charging cable, MFI certification is necessary. Otherwise, there may be some risks in charging protection. At the same time, it may take a few days to suddenly find that it can't be used, because non MFI certification is not official, and it is realized by cracking.

However, Apple's charging head does not need MFI certification, nor does it need MFI certification.

In addition to conventional charging, Apple's iPhone / iPad has two fast charging protocols. One is Apple's 2.4a fast charging protocol, which supports up to 5V / 2.4a and up to 12W. The other is the usb-pd fast charging protocol. The protocol itself supports 100W, but the iPhone currently supports 23W at most, and the iPad 33W at most.

So, in theory, if you have 3C certified charging heads that support the above two protocols, you can use them to charge the iPhone / iPad. This one doesn't need and doesn't have apple certification.

The subject mentioned the need for multi port charging head, because there are too many devices, but it also depends on the charging protocols of other devices, because if it's not Apple devices, such as Android devices, there are too many charging protocols, such as QC, PE +, vooc, FCP, SCP, AFC, DCP and so on. If you don't know about your other devices, you can't recommend them.

Suppose you want to consider a single port, except for Apple's own charger, the following two estimates are common:

Jingdong jingzao I bought their line, it's very good, the charger has been evaluated, it's also good.

The appearance party can also consider tulas's 20W, which is not suitable for andorid devices, because the fast charging protocol supports apple 2.4a and PD, and does not support other fast charging protocols, but it has a small appearance and a baked paint appearance. Click to see the detailed appearance.

If you need multiple ports, there are many options. For example, the zenture 65W 3-port 2c1a charging head I'm using has the advantages of small size, good appearance and many protocols.

If you think this is not enough, you can also consider that I recently bought idmix 100W 4-port 3c1a charging head. The following are from Jingdong and tmall flagship stores. Tmall click also has a coupon of ¥ 20, which can be given priority.

In addition, if there are really multiple ports, it's likely that the charging cable is needed. If this is an apple device, whether it's usb-a with lightning (applicable to Apple 2.4 fast charging protocol) or usb-c to lightning (PD protocol must use this), it really needs MFI certified cable or original cable. Just look at this article that I agree with for details, It will not be carried out in detail.