Is the charging head of iPad 2020pro and iPhone 12pro the same?

Both charging heads are usb-c interfaces, which are the same from the point of view of physical interface;

The fast charging protocol of both is the same, both are PD protocol;

However, the maximum charging power of the iPhone 12 Pro is about 20W, and that of the iPad Pro is about 30W;

Schematic diagram of Apple original charging head


Choose two charging heads that can be used, the best one is 30W, so that both of them can be charged at full speed and fast. Of course, there's no problem with the 20W that iPad Pro gives you. For iPhone 12 pro, it's full speed, but it's a little slower for iPad Pro.

If you want to buy another one as a backup, you can recommend Anker's 30W COMPACT MINI, which depends on the use of Gan technology. This one has been on the market for a long time with high sales volume. I like fruit powder. Weight and size: 38 * 35 * 41 mm (without pins), 53g


If you still have a computer in hand, you can consider the 65W pod Lite, so that the computer, iPad pro and iPhone 12 Pro can be fully charged, which is also very small. Compared with the size of the original charger of apple, the original charger of the computer is too bulky. At the same time, the charger supporting 65W single port has this volume, this price, as well as Anker's process, quality and service blessing. It is highly recommended.

Weight and size: 52 * 41 * 30 mm (without pins), 99g


If you like Doraemon, Anker and Doraemon's official joint name charging bucket, in addition to 65W, there are also wireless charging, charging cable, and super charging of power bank and charger;