Is pinhole camera glasses easy to use

With pinhole lens, the visual acuity was improved obviously. The principle of improving eyesight is equivalent to the lens of a camera. A small aperture can increase the range of depth of field. That's why! It helps to protect the eyes and can prevent myopia from deepening, but it won't treat myopia. In short, it's a health product that can protect you, but it won't cure you.

At present, it is impossible to treat myopia.

The principle is the same as that when taking pictures, because the aperture is reduced and the depth of field is increased, the image on the film can be clearer. Obviously, this effect does not improve the refractive state of the eye at all. Therefore, it has no effect on the treatment of myopia. In addition, small aperture mirror may bring harm to the visual development of school-age children.

The correct method should be used to treat myopia

1、 Correct bad eye habits in time.

Once you find that your eyesight is declining, you must find out the main reason and correct the bad eye habits in time. Only timely correction of bad habits can prevent the continuous decline of vision. So, this is one of the very important factors.

2、 We should make reasonable arrangements for work, rest, work and rest.

On the basis of correcting the bad habit of using eyes, we must arrange work and rest reasonably and combine work with rest. We should reasonably arrange work and rest, combine work with rest, so as to ensure sufficient sleep time, and prevent long-term eye use, which can prevent the deterioration of vision.

3、 Take part in sports appropriately.

Proper participation in sports can speed up the blood circulation around the eyeball, so as to improve the flexibility of eye muscle regulation. Especially when participating in ball games and other sports, the line of sight will follow the target at different distances, which can prevent the vision from getting worse.

4、 We should pay attention to diet and nutrition balance.

Although the daily diet is mainly composed of Cereals, it is necessary to supplement vegetables and fruits to achieve a reasonable distribution of protein, sugar and fat. Eat less sweets and more purple food.

5、 Timely supplement of vision nutrients, enhance the ability of anti fatigue eyes, reduce myopia.

This is the most important and fundamental. It is recommended to take lejing vision nutrient, take it with warm water, insist on taking it for a period of time, the myopia degree of children will gradually reduce, the younger the age, the easier to improve vision.