Is it amazing that the iPhone data cable can blackout the computer?

Everyone agrees that the iPhone is relatively safe, but it can't stop some people and groups from cracking the iPhone by various means. For example, graykey, the box that claimed to be able to crack the iPhone, can steal the internal information of the iPhone only through the data cable connection, but this vulnerability is blocked by a system update of apple.


Recently, there has been another Internet cracker, but the target of this cracker is not the iPhone, but the computer.

Recently, foreign media exposed a special iPhone lightning data cable, which is not different from Apple's official cable in appearance, but the internal part of the cable has been changed. Once the iPhone is connected and the computer is connected through the data cable, the nightmare will come.

Hackers can remotely invade the computer through this lightning data cable. The virus code that has been prepared will start to work. The computer will be allowed to run any program. Of course, the data on the computer will also be stolen. Moreover, this hacker data cable will hide itself by eliminating the USB implantation tool, making it difficult for you to find its existence.


Fortunately, the price of this kind of data cable is still relatively expensive (US $200). Ordinary users will not buy it, but once the output of anything goes up, the price will come down. Besides, there will be a market for profitable things. According to the security personnel, there are no preventive measures for this kind of data cable at present.

It is said that Apple may have known about this and is working on a solution. The security personnel who broke the news reminded us that it is better to buy the iPhone data cable from regular channels, and apple is likely to make the vulnerability invalid through system update in the future.


However, some people are questioning why Apple always exposes such serious loopholes on the eve of a new product release or a major update to the IOS system?