Is iPhone no longer safe? No password can also unlock, just a data cable to connect to the computer

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Apple mobile phone can deeply attract "Apple fans", in addition to running smoothly, but also safe. Apple's mobile security system is known as "powerful" in the ranks of mobile phones. But in recent years, it seems that Apple's mobile phone security problems occur frequently, such as the payment account stolen some time ago, which caused a lot of controversy. I'm afraid that even today, the victims still have no way to complain and have to bear the losses themselves.

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Apple mobile phone has been found a new vulnerability recently, even if there is no password can unlock the phone. People who have used Apple phones know that it is not easy to unlock them without password. However, if you try to input wrong passwords constantly, it may cause the device to be locked for several years, decades, or even wipe out the data saved on the device directly. But the new flaw can easily unlock Apple phones, with just a data cable to connect to the computer.

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When the iPhone connects to the computer via a data line, a hacker uses the keyboard to enter a code, triggering an interrupt command that takes precedence over all other requests. This means that if an attacker sends different password requests continuously, the iPhone system will not trigger a long lock or delete command because it is busy processing the requests. Therefore, the attacker can attempt to decode the password indefinitely, breaking through the limit of only 10 opportunities provided by IOS system.


Currently, the system vulnerability found on Apple Mobile has been reported to apple and has been patched. At the same time, a restricted mode is added to ios12 system. When the wrong password is entered, the iPhone will be automatically cut off for an hour through USB connection to the computer. Because each password combination attempt needs to wait an hour, this function can effectively prevent the password of IOS system from being hacked violently.

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Even if the vulnerability has been fixed in time, it does not mean that there is no longer a vulnerability in the apple mobile phone system, but it is only temporarily not found. So platform reminds the majority of mobile users that no matter using any mobile phone, we can not take care of it, because the system vulnerability is likely to be found by hackers at any time.