IPhone user's pit prevention guide, related to your mobile security: Apple data cable selection

The iPhone has been used for a long time, so the data cable has to be replaced. I often see some friends leave a message saying that the big brand will break down in a few days, or use it like nine yuan and nine packages.

iPhone 12 charger port

Today, I'll talk to all iPhone users about how to choose the data cable and how to avoid the holes in the data cable selection.

Apple Cable

  1. Recognize MFI certification

MFI means made for iPhone. MFI is Apple's certification and authorization for wire, and it is also the only authentic mark. Accessories manufacturers are allowed to produce only when they get the MFI logo. Those without MFI certification will be judged as fake by apple. So when we choose, we must recognize the MFI logo. It's also the most effective way to distinguish.

  1. The harm of fake data cable

If we use a fake or uncertified data cable, our IPS device may be damaged, the connector end may fall off, the heat may be abnormal, or it may not be able to connect to the device, or even it may not be able to synchronize the device or charge the iPhone.

  1. The difference between genuine MFI data cable and Shanzhai

Even in the high-speed railway or the mobile power supply of the railway station, there are many data cables that are not MFI. The rate of authentic courseware in the market is very low. Genuine MFI data cable after testing, in the process of use, the power can reach 12W, and the current is stable, no fluctuations. And some low-cost package mail or high price no brand data cable, the power is generally in 10W, and the current is particularly unstable.

iPhone 12 charger port

We must have all met the obvious heating of the charger in the process of the point. This is obviously caused by the use of a fake data cable. This situation is very dangerous. Recently, it is innovative to launch a three in one charger, which is generally not MFI certification.


Apple Cable


Finally, I would like to remind you that MFI is the most direct, effective and cost-effective identification standard, whether it is the ordinary apple data cable or the fast charging line.

That's all for today. Please leave a message in the comments section about Apple's data cable or any iPhone accessories.