IPhone users must see, related to your mobile security: Apple data cable purchase pit Guide

Hello everyone, I'm shansheng.

I have done a lot of articles about accessories, such as the data cable shopping guide, the annual iPhone accessories shopping guide and so on.

I often see some friends leave a message saying that nine yuan and nine packages are the same as mail, and the line of buying a certain brand has been hollowed out again.

So I made this "data cable pit prevention guide" to teach you how to avoid the pits in the data cable purchase.

This article is not for any brand, the relevant information has been hidden, please do not take your seat according to the number.

MFI certification

MFI is Apple's certification and authorization for wire rod. For apple, it is the production and sales license for relevant accessory manufacturers, and the terminals are supplied by apple. For consumers, it is to reduce the cost of identification, identify the logo can be assured to buy.

Those who do not have MFI certification will be judged as fake by apple. Apple has strict management of MFI. In addition to the high price of MFI, AGS, OTA and other related costs, the terminal also adds identification chip and algorithm encryption, which is not allowed to be carried out in the way of space.

Apple also gives risk tips for using the Shanzhai line. There are two data cables available at present, the most common usb-a to lightning and the latest usb-c to lightning that supports PD charging. In addition to the third-party line certified by MFI, there are also a large number of non certification lines on the market. Can these lines be bought, 9 9 packets of mail is a level. I have more than 100 data cables. Today we'll see what's the difference between 9 9 packets and regular MFI data cables.

General data cable

Let's start with the most popular usb-a to lightning, which is the one you bought with your iPhone.

I have always recommended that you buy Apple data cable to recognize MFI, and all aspects are more secure. But China is big, and a large group is using very cheap lines. You can go to high-speed rail stations or airports for a round, and mobile power supplies are plugged in, and non MFI may account for the majority.

The brand has gone, basically the products that are the top sales volume of JD, and the evaluation is tens of thousands.

iPhone 12 charger

Let's say the test conditions. The ammeter is power-z and yzx studio, and the accuracy is very good in the same products.

The test equipment is iPhone XS max, usb-a reference charger is zMi 18W, usb-c reference charger is Anker Gan 30W.

First, we connect zMi and original line, and the power runs at 12W. We refer to this data as standard value.

All the tests below are basically completed at the same power level to ensure the data is as fair as possible.

ZMi is a 18W charger. It is a conscience product I have always recommended. The price of the event is only 20 yuan. In addition to supporting qc3.0, it is also perfectly compatible with apple 5v/2.4a 12W protocol. Many people said that this was not supported before, and then we should not tangle.

ZMi 18W supports QC 3.0 equipment charging / charging head / adapter / charger applicable to Apple Android mobile phone flat plate purple rice ha612 white 29.9 yuan to buy

Apple Charger Cable

Take a zMi MFI data cable and run the curve

The time relationship is only 20 minutes, and the iPhone's 12W charge can last a long time, and the MFI curves will be relatively stable and linear. Because the charging process is not constant, some of them are affected by the power supply of CPU running in the background, and some of the allowable fluctuations are normal. The current is still above 2.1a when the fluctuation occurs.