IPhone 12 without charger? I'm in the Green League

Recently, I really can't stand the machine stuck in Zhuhai small factory, so I replaced the iPhone 12. You know, now the iPhone doesn't come with a charger. Originally, many chargers at home thought they could be used. When they received it, they found that the attached charging cable was type-C to lighting, and there was no charger at home that could be used.

After searching the Internet for charging heads, I found that they are in full bloom now. Everyone is producing PD charging heads. I chose lvlian xiaojingang pd20w charger, the head of this old factory. It's not expensive either. The price of the event is 39 yuan, and it can successfully turn on the PD fast charge for the iPhone. After receiving it, it exceeded my expectation. It's so small. It's folding foot, so it's very suitable for carrying. Is it so high-tech now? This fast charger doesn't use gallium nitride. It can be so small. It really tests the power design skills.


Charging voltage support is relatively simple, 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 12v1.57a, basically can cover most of the standard fast charging equipment.

The actual fast charging situation, I tested, with the original iPhone 12 charging cable, is charged according to the speed of 18W, 3 minutes charge 5% of the electricity, basically half an hour about 50%.

In order to protect the battery, IOS will automatically reduce the charging speed when the battery power reaches 80%, which is about 13W (there is a setting in settings battery health optimize battery charging, you can cancel this item to make the iPhone full capacity fast charging)

In addition, iPhone 12 supports MagSafe wireless charging. I checked and found that the charging speed of the original MagSafe charger is different from that of the third-party MagSafe charger. If the third-party charger is combined with MagSafe, will it also affect the charging speed?


I tested it in detail.


With the original MagSafe connection, the charging speed is 7.5W.

With the third-party MagSafe, the charging speed is basically 7.5W

This is very strange. Does the third party fast charging head not support the original MagSafe wireless charging to realize 15W charging? After searching, I found that there was an in-depth test on the original MagSafe. Let's cite the charging compatibility test:

MagSafe charger compatibility test summary

First of all, apple 20W, 30W, 61W, 96w chargers can give 18W power;

Secondly, in addition to the recently launched 9v2.22a 20W charger, most of the third-party chargers with PPS can also give 18W power;


Finally, the trigger mechanism must also be low power, and the mobile phone must be very ice, especially to ensure that the internal components of the iPhone 12 are ice.

 iPhone 12 charger cable 

In retrospect, because of the fast charging head, when I wrote this article, it had been charged to 80%, and it was estimated that the camera function had been used all the time. The internal part was hot, so the system limited the charging power.

iPhone Charger Cable

All in all, the 39 yuan quick charger is quite good. It's much cheaper than the official one, and it's a compact design. It's very convenient to put it in the bag. I recommend it to you~