IPhone 12 magnetic wireless charger which good, apple magnetic wireless charger recommended

The iPhone 12 series mobile phone supports MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging. As the name suggests, it adopts the magnetic suction design, with a built-in magnet, which can actively absorb and align for wireless charging. Charging while playing can be realized, breaking the traditional wireless charging mode. More and more iPhone users choose magnetic wireless chargers. Today, I'd like to recommend some magnetic wireless chargers suitable for iPhone 12!

1. Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3

Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3 is the most popular brand of magnetic absorption wireless power bank at present. The price is moderate, but the quality is strictly controlled, and every invisible detail should be done well. It has won the trust of major mobile phone users with quality and experience! Starting from the selection of materials, we visited hundreds of suppliers and selected military grade materials. Moreover, there are more than 50 high-strength quality inspection processes, which are twice as many as the general magnetic wireless power bank. The quality workmanship can be regarded as a model for the generation of magnetic wireless power bank.
In order to balance the capacity, magnetic absorption function and fast charging power of the power bank, Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3 has changed the traditional power bank's image of being thick, heavy, big and ugly, with a digital power display on the side of the body. Nank South card magnetic absorption wireless power bank pow3 is equipped with 20000 Ma super capacity and supports 22.5w wired strong output. In addition, it also supports 15W magnetic absorption wireless fast charging of iPhone 12 and 10W / 7.5w/5w wireless charging output 12 as the test object, the iPhone 12 can be fully charged in 45 minutes with wireless charging. The cost performance of fast charging is absolutely not to mention. The configuration surpasses most brands of magnetic absorption wireless power bank on the market.

And the use of polymer cell and upgrade of the large coil, so that the power is more concentrated, so that charging efficiency is higher. The back of the power bank is also equipped with an original 45 degree invisible viewing bracket. Usually, the mobile phone can be attached to the power bank. When the bracket of the power bank is opened, the mobile phone can be fixed. You can watch TV while charging, which is very humanized.

2. Belkin two in one magnetic wireless charger

Belkin 2-in-1 wireless charger adopts two wireless charging designs. The wireless charging board on it has magnetic suction charging function, which is suitable for MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging of iPhone 12 series. The lower wireless charging area can be used to charge small current Bluetooth such as airpods. Of course, it is also suitable for airpods generation 2 and airpods pro.
3. Iwalk beetle magnetic wireless charging
Iwalk beetle magnetic wireless charger overall appearance for the round design, the main body of the shell is white, the appearance is very simple and generous, and the iPhone 12 mobile phone is also very nice. Iwalk beetle magnetic absorption wireless charger has a 1.5m charging cable, which meets the daily needs without worrying about the shortage of cables, and achieves the just need of charging anytime and anywhere.

4. Acer two in one magnetic wireless charger

Acer Apple two in one magnetic wireless charger can provide magnetic wireless charging for the iPhone 12 series, with a maximum charging power of 15W. Below can provide 2.5w/5w charging power for wireless headset. Anker Apple's two in one magnetic wireless charger adopts usb-c interface, and the maximum input power is 30W. This charger adopts the base weight increasing design, and has double light displays on the body to check the working status.