IPhone 12 fast charger, domestic products also have boutique!

"In 2018, China will import 462 million tons of oil, with a total amount of nearly 1.59 trillion yuan! In the same year, China imported more than 312 billion US dollars of chips, accounting for 66.67% of the world's total, equivalent to 2.184 trillion RMB chips. It can be said that chip imports exceed oil imports by about 600 billion. " This is the data I saw a few years ago, which is really shocking!

At present, China's power supply industry is booming, and there is a strong market demand at home and abroad. The chip is the foundation of fast charging. For the development of fast charging charger, the power chip is the most critical problem. With the strong support of the government, the transfer of terminal brands and industries to China, and the mature talent base, the "China core" of power supply industry is becoming more and more mature.

The development of "China core" is of great significance. On the one hand, in the context of the current Sino US trade friction, it is necessary to avoid the choking of key technologies; On the other hand, domestic semiconductor manufacturers can give full play to the advantages of local enterprises, further reduce the cost of fast charging, and promote the popularization of high-density fast charging power supply. In the future market competition, the national fast charging scheme will also become a strong player.

Driven by the background of semiconductor localization and market demand, domestic fast charging power chips have developed rapidly in recent years and achieved remarkable results, gradually realizing independent supply; Especially in the medium and small power band, it can almost replace the imported chips by 100%. The rise of domestic chips provides a wealth of solutions for fast charging power supply manufacturers, so that the core components of products are no longer controlled by others.

At this year's apple mobile phone launch, for the sake of environmental protection, the newly launched iPhone 12 series and all old models on Apple's official website are no longer equipped with standard chargers. Apple's decision set off a big wave in the consumer power industry, and thus created a new 20W PD fast charging market.

According to statistics, Apple has 14 mobile phones that support USB PD fast charging, but only two of them are equipped with 18W fast charging chargers as standard, and other models need to buy their own fast charging accessories. Industry analysts also pointed out that the shipment volume of iPhone 12 series mobile phones is expected to reach 75 million in 2020 alone.

The huge sales of mobile phones and the strategy that new phones are not equipped with standard chargers create a huge market gap. In the face of this big cake thrown out by apple, hundreds of power supply manufacturers have flocked to the bureau to actively follow up the 20W PD fast charging product line.

Among these manufacturers, there are many famous brands with "China core". In the big situation, patriotism naturally starts from action. It is helpful to choose domestic products when choosing chargers.

Although the chip is important, it is difficult for consumers to see it with their own eyes. Numerous chargers have been disassembled from the charging head network, and 20W PD chargers are complete, basically covering mainstream chargers. Therefore, in this article, we will take the disassembly of 20W PD chargers by the charging head network as the standard, and recommend the national products of iPhone 12 chargers for you!

It is worth mentioning that all the special fast charging chips for iPhone 12 recommended this time are domestic chips, and their performance has reached the world's leading level, which can be called the light of domestic products.

Nubia sugar 22.5w charger Nubia sugar fast charging charger uses "candy" design, four colors, and is equipped with LED indicator and foldable pin, small and portable. On the contrary, it supports QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, pe2.0, PD, PPS and other mainstream fast charging protocols, with comprehensive compatibility, which can meet the daily fast charging needs of Huawei, apple and other major brands. It is learned from the disassembly of the charging head network that the charger adopts the high-performance and high integrated fast charging scheme of biyiwei kp22308wg + kp41262, the protocol chip of the output terminal adopts the Intel ip2723t, and the chip has passed the pd3.0 PPS certification of USB if Association.

Combined with the whole scheme, it has advantages in volume, cost and performance of charging head. In addition, the internal design of the charger is ingenious, and the sandwich structure design also maximizes the use of internal space to help the charger reduce its size.

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Hangjia PD fast charging 20W charger
Apple Cable
The usb-c port supports qc2.0 / 3.0, pe2.0, pd3.0 and PPS fast charging protocols, and has voltage ranges of 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 3.3-5.9v3a and 3.3-11v2.2a, with good compatibility, small size and strong practicability.

According to the disassembly of the charging head network, this charger is equipped with a small input and output board. In the design, there is an integrated plastic between the interlayer, which plays the role of connection, support and isolation.

In addition, this is the first 20W charger with thermal conductive potting glue, which has good thermal conductivity, weather resistance and long service life. The charger adopts a full set of fast charging power supply scheme of Anbao ob2631u + ob2004z + ob2613, which has advantages in performance, volume and cost, and helps customers improve the competitiveness of products.

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Beisi 20W super silicon PD charger Beisi's new 20W super Si fast charging charger adopts a two-stage shell, with black, white and navy blue colors. The surface is matte, and the whole charger is small and exquisite.

In terms of performance, this charger supports apple 2.4a, QC / 3.0, AFC, FCP, pd3.0 and PPS protocols. It has 5v3a, 9v2.22a, 12v1.67a, 15v1.33a, 20v1a, 3.3-5.9v/3a and 3.3-11v/2.2a voltage ranges, and has good overall compatibility. It is compatible with many iPhone models that are no longer equipped with standard chargers.