IPhone 12 doesn't even want to give you a charger. How cheap is apple?

IPhone 12 no longer comes with charging head

  1. The earphone is gone, so is the charger

I haven't seen you for a few days. Shanpao finally remembered to update. Ha ha ha. Five volt and one ampere, a common problem for iPhone users, may be gone forever.

Because according to the latest news, this year's iPhone 12 series will not even give you a charger

Last time, Guo Mingmin, an analyst at Guoda, revealed that the iPhone 12 series may not come with the wired headset "earpods". Unexpectedly, this year, it is very likely that the charger will be gone???

The specific reason is to reduce the cost. You may ask, where does the cost come from? The answer is 5g. One of the important reasons for the rise in prices of domestic mobile phones this year is that the cost of mobile phones has risen after the use of 5g technology.

Apple no longer distributes charging heads, probably to cover the cost of 5g. Once and for all, at least the price will not change much compared with previous years.

At the same time, recently, many Apple fans said that they had received a questionnaire from apple. They felt that they were hinting that if we don't send you rechargers in the future, would you be unhappy?

If Apple doesn't give it away, everyone must be unhappy. They directly blow up the pot on Weibo: so expensive mobile phone, without a charger, are you still human???

In addition, the design of the inner packing box of the iPhone 12 has also been revealed on the Internet. There is no place for the charger

From Apple's point of view, in order to ensure that the price of 5gi phone doesn't change too much, it is understandable to omit the charging head, but it also involves another problem: if users buy fake third-party chargers, will it bring more hidden dangers?

Do you still use five volt and one ampere?

As far as shanpao is concerned, after all, he will study and buy fast charging head himself. However, most users, who are probably Xiaobai, may have a lot of trouble buying it.

Apple has its own charging head. It's definitely the best thing for us to do. If we really cancel it, we can't help it... Who can't live without the ecology of apple?

Dear fans, if Apple cancels the charger, will you still buy an iPhone?