Intelligent charging fully compatible - Xiaomi car charger fast charging version

A few days ago, Mr. Lei just held a passionate speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, which introduced a new accessory,
Xiaomi car charger fast charging version 1a1c 100W
Today, I'd like to introduce and share my experience.

-Packaging design
1. Always simple design, front product preview, left product name, right highlight Logo 2. Back design is mainly detailed introduction, parameters and other information
3. It's very simple and environmentally friendly to open the package
4. List of accessories: car charger, manual and a double-sided usb-c cable
5. There are usb-c and USB double ports on the front of the charger
1. It's very simple to use. Basically, all the friends who have a car know how to use it. Generally, there are 12v-24v on-board interfaces in the car, which can be used after being plugged in. The standby state of the charging head shows white light.

1. High quality master chip can effectively improve the charging efficiency. Over current, over temperature, over voltage and short circuit protection. For the majority of car owners to provide security charging.
2. Flashing ring dazzle color light prompt, different charging power display different colors, charging status and interface position at a glance.
3. When charging two devices at the same time, the maximum output power of the dual port is 68W max for rapid charging.
-Experience experience

First of all, as a fast car charging, it is a very qualified product. It supports two devices to charge quickly at the same time. The maximum power output is 68W, and the intelligent devices are fully compatible. It can meet the charging needs of a variety of electrical devices. The ring dazzling light effect, charging status and interface position are clear at a glance. It is also a special fast charging accessory of Xiaomi 10 super large cup, which can provide 100W ultra-high power Class a charging speed

In terms of safety, it provides four kinds of circuit safety protection, including over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage and over temperature protection, to provide users with safe charging protection.