Instructions for use of eyeglasses without holes

The phone can measure it.

The way to check whether there is a pinhole camera in the room is as follows:

Close the door and light of the room and close the curtain to make the room dark without any light. The darker, the better! Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone, turn around the room, remember not to turn on the flash, and check the dead corner of the room, ceiling, TV, air conditioning and other places where pinhole cameras may be installed.

If there is a pinhole camera, then the phone will see red dot. The red dot is the camera. This method is only effective for pinhole camera with infrared function.

The prevention method of pinhole camera:

1. Turn off the power. Because pinhole cameras are very power consuming, the stealers may use the power supply in the room. We can turn off the room's main power supply so that the pinhole camera can't work properly.

2. Reduce lighting. It is one of the easiest ways to turn off the lights in the room, and the lighting level is reduced. The ordinary wireless pinhole camera (except for those with low light and infrared) can not record clear pictures.

3. Avoid the access of unidentified persons. When bathing, pay attention to whether the door and window are closed, and whether they enter and exit public places, such as lodging hotel, going to public dressing room or going to public toilet, etc., should pay attention to whether there are suspicious persons or improper articles around.

4. The professional detection dog can detect the surrounding pinholes or eavesdropping equipment at any time and prevent it.

5. If you find a pinhole camera, you can keep evidence and call the police for help to protect your privacy.

There are many reports that strangers have installed eavesdropping devices at home in TV news media. Many people wonder if they have the same device installed in their home? So how to conduct necessary investigation on this situation?

How can eavesdropping devices be installed at home to prevent and check?

If the hands-on ability is strong, the following methods can be used to check the environment in the home.

1. carefully check the mobile phone and telephone

2. check the power on line, switch and patch panel, and do not let go of it, because eavesdropping is a long-term behavior, especially in the home listening equipment. If the eavesdropping equipment is powered by battery, it can not be used for a long time, so there will be more eavesdroppers in the home.

3. if the illegal person eavesdropping the calls in a certain area (including his own home) through special instruments or methods, there are also solutions

This method is mainly laser eavesdropping. It can install shutters or other objects that can block laser in windows near home, which can solve the problem of being eavesdroped

4. through professional equipment such as signal detection instrument

If we want to solve the problem of being eavesdropped at home, we must pay attention to the common ways of eavesdropping. The common methods of eavesdropping are as follows:

1. install the eavesdropping device or eavesdropping software in our commonly used mobile phone;

2. install the eavesdropping device in the telephone or line in the home;

3. in the areas where we often live, we can answer the phone by wireless eavesdropping (usually laser eavesdropping).

4. eavesdrop the call through the form of base station.