[industry] glory vertical wireless charger design exposure 45W ultra high power

Recently, some netizens have officially exposed a smart accessory product launched by glory plan - Glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (45W). According to the pictures exposed at present, the product is applied and manufactured by glory. It is a 45W wireless charger, specially designed for 5g mobile phones. In theory, it may also be compatible with other glory devices that support wireless charging. At present, the equipment has passed the effective certification and approval process, and the launch may not be far away.

It is speculated that the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (45W) may be released together with the "winter flagship" glory V40. According to the exposure pictures of the exposed devices, the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (45W) supports the charging scheme of 5-20v / 6A. The maximum charging output power of the mobile phone is 66W, which may refer to the glory 66W wired super fast charging. Although we don't know the charging protocol compatible with the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (45W), its 45W wireless charging power is far ahead of the existing wireless chargers. Once it is released, it will surely trigger a rush to buy.

As can be seen from the exposed figure, the maximum wireless charging power of the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (max 45W) is 45W, which adopts USB type-C interface, and the in and out range is 5-20v. This also confirms from the side that the glory V40 will support 45W wireless fast charging as well as 66W wired fast charging. The wireless charger may adopt the more fashionable vertical charger design, and there is an angle between the mobile phone contact surface and the base, which is convenient for users to check the mobile phone at any time during the charging process.

In theory, the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger (45W) can also supply power for other protocol compatible devices supporting wireless charging. This is undoubtedly good news for friends who buy glory 5g mobile phones and glory smart life products. If the glory V40 series finally supports 66W wired super fast charging and 45W wireless fast charging, its endurance performance is still worth looking forward to.

In addition, according to the exposure diagram, there should be strip-shaped cooling holes on the base, and an indicator light is provided on the front of the charger. I don't know the shape of the charger after it is placed vertically. It is expected that the glory super fast charging vertical wireless charger will appear together with the glory V40. As the release date of glory V40 approaches, more news will flow out.

As the first flagship mobile phone of glory, in addition to the charging performance, other configurations of glory V40 series will also be "top grid". According to the current network information statistics, glory V40 is expected to adopt 6.72 inch FHD + hole digging screen, support 120Hz refresh rate, and will be equipped with the flagship processor of Lianfa Tianji series. The rear four camera module adopts a circular design similar to a mechanical watch. The front hole digging dual cameras support 66W wired + 45W wireless dual fast charging. The standard charger is Huawei's same hw-110600c00, It supports up to 66W charge pump fast charging, and will provide three models of glory V40, V40 pro and V40 PRO +, which are expected to be released in the near future.