In depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the project

For the agents who want to engage in the shared charging industry, there is a trade-off between the power bank and the charger at the beginning of joining. Who is suitable for the shared charging line project.
First of all, we need to balance the funds. If the funds allow, we can do the shared charger project first, because the shared charging project needs to accumulate by the amount of laying, rather than by the income of a single machine and equipment, so if you can't buy many cabinets with the funds in your hand, it's better to do the shared charger project directly, because For at least you can guarantee your laying amount, so your income should be much higher than the income of purchasing a few power bank.

Second, there are high-quality scene resources, such as hotels, hotels, leisure clubs, foot bath shops and other places that can provide long-term rest are suitable for laying shared chargers. If you have so many high-quality scene resources, plus you like a stable investment style, I think shared chargers are more suitable for you.

Third, the requirements for the return period are higher, in fact, you want to control the risk as much as possible and hope to return to the agent in a short time. Then you can share the charger completely. According to the unit price cost of 35 yuan, actually, the return cost is one month. Of course, this premise is that your traffic occupancy is relatively OK Otherwise, the cycle will definitely be lengthened. Of course, the shared charger is currently a market brand, the quality is uneven, and many agents are greedy to buy a number of inferior chargers. As a result, in a few days, charger failures, not only tenants complain, but also lead to the final return to the future, and also with the brand business quarrel.
So for choosing which shared charger, we still need to ensure several basic principles. First, the product quality, in fact, the price difference of charger is not big, at most, the cost price is 10 yuan difference, that is, the cost can be recovered by 3-4 more rentals. The service life of the shared charging treasure with good quality is naturally not comparable to that of the general charger. Therefore, the service life of the shared charging treasure with good quality is not comparable to that of the general charger To, quality or agents to adhere to the bottom line, must not only shallow than price.
In addition, for the sharing charger, the current market is the mainstream or password button sharing charger, this type of shared charging treasure rental experience is still OK, for agents is more reassuring.

At present, the sharing charger of the market power technology is still good. It has three wires, one drag and three wires, with three interfaces of Apple lightning, micro USB and type-C, which are widely compatible with 99% of the intelligent mobile devices in the market. The high quality line is 1.5m long for consumers to freely access. 3C quality certification, gold-plated interface charging machine, in order to ensure charging connection fast, sensitive, stable, safe, and do not hurt mobile phones, lightning and type-C interface are respectively using 15 μ m gold plating process and integrated forming process. Intelligent 12 protection compact body integrates integrated intelligent protection circuit, effectively handles various circuit problems, and builds a thick wall for continuous safe operation.

If you are interested in agent sharing charging line, it is better to have a lot of investigation. After all, the difference in product quality has a great impact on the later profit.