In addition to millet wireless charger, you do not know the cost-effective wireless charger

In fact, the story of wireless charging of mobile phones began as early as 2009. In 2007, Apple released the first generation of iPhone. In 2008, Google launched the first HTC Dream with Android system. In 2009, the world's first mobile phone supporting wireless charging finally came, which is Palm Pre.

If you want to use the wireless charging function of Palm Pre, you need a dedicated wireless charging base and a back cover with induction coil. The base's name is very interesting. It's called "touchstone", which translates into "touchstone". I believe many of you have heard of this name. The design of the whole base of "touchstone" is very small. The combination of the same skin like coating and magnetic suction makes it easy to fix the Palm Pre on the wireless charging base. In another sense, the touchstone is like a thick version of MagSafe. Xiaobian was lucky to have used this mobile phone in those years, and was also the first group to eat crabs. Wireless charging and gesture operation really surprised me.

On January 29, 2021, Xiaomi announced a new space charging technology to bring science fiction scenes into reality.

Then, a phase control array composed of 144 antennas transmits millimeter wave directionally to the mobile phone through beamforming, and the mobile phone receives it through the micro beacon antenna, which can realize 5W power space isolation wireless charging within several meters.

Although Xiaomi's technology is relatively advanced, it has not yet reached a popular level. If you need to buy a wireless charger, you still need to buy a traditional one.

Let's get down to business. Today, let's talk about the more cost-effective chargers on the market.
1. Huawei original super fast charging (max 50W)
As long as the FCP / SCP super fast charging protocol of Huawei is supported, and the cable can carry more than 50W, the 50W wireless super fast charging can be realized! It's a simple truth: Gan fast charging head + fast charging line perfectly runs full 50W wireless fast charging!
2. Xiaomi original 55W wireless charger
The appearance of Xiaomi 55W vertical air-cooled wireless charger is different from the simple blank of previous Xiaomi products, adding elements of supreme commemorative edition, such as black gold color contrast appearance, special bracket, etc. It looks elegant and domineering, with a certain "King flavor".

In terms of performance, thanks to the characteristics of wireless charging Qi protocol, this wireless charging is compatible with all devices that support Qi protocol, provided that the coil can be connected. Of course, Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 10 and other "own sons" can be compatible with Xiaomi's private wireless charging protocol according to the situation of mobile phones, so the power will be higher.

Because it is a high-power wireless charging device, temperature control is particularly important. This wireless charging device uses air cooling to dissipate heat. There is no excessive heat during charging, so it performs well.