impossible to guard against! IPhone exposes security problem again, "original data cable" invades computer without consciousness

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Earlier, it was reported that Apple would offer iPhone vulnerability researchers up to $1 million in bonuses to encourage them to find defects in the iPhone. From this point of view, apple still attaches great importance to security issues.


But as the saying goes, "the way is one foot high, the devil is one foot high.".


According to the latest report of foreign media, a security researcher with ID of "mg" has created a special lightning data line, which allows hackers to access your computer remotely.

 Apple Charger Cable

This data cable is modified on the basis of the original version, which is called " cable". After the implantation of additional parts, the appearance of this cable is almost the same as that of Apple official, which is difficult to distinguish.


The function of this data cable is the same as the original product. It can plug into the computer, connect the IOS device and charge it.

 iPhone 12 charger

The point is that it allows hackers to remotely connect to machines to run commands. The chip is equipped with scripts and commands that hackers can run on the victim's machine, as well as tools to "kill" USB implants to hide their existence.


The cables are handmade and Mg sells for $200. He is working with a company to produce them as a legitimate special security tool.

 Apple Charger Cable

It is not clear whether there are any defensive measures against this kind of cable, and users are advised to buy the cable from legal channels.