Ignorant, I would like to ask how the data cable of iPhone 12 is used by usersIgnorant, I would like to ask how the data cable of iPhone 12 is used by users

Cook thinks that like him, your home is full of Apple chargers, so for the sake of environmental protection, you don't need them. By the way, you can reduce the cost.

But it's just his wishful thinking.

It is undeniable that there are at least 3-5 chargers in every family, including shaver chargers, Android mobile chargers, bracelet chargers, watch chargers, and kindle chargers. However, most of the chargers used at home are usb-a chargers, and the voltage and current do not necessarily match.

The data cable of the iPhone 12 is usb-c, so most of the users at home can't use the charging head and can only buy it separately.


Due to the limitation of apple, not every charging head can be used. Only the charging head with a special chip can charge better, so as to avoid the failure of the mobile phone caused by abnormal voltage and current.


So even if there are other usb-c charging heads, it is not recommended to use them. After all, more than 6000 mobile phones have been bought, so it is better to use a charging head.

2 There is no charging head solution

  1. Purchase Apple original charger

Although I can afford the iPhone 12, it doesn't mean I can afford the charger. Many users try their best to buy it or buy it in installments, so the price as high as 149 yuan makes me flinch.

The original charger itself has no characteristics to speak of, the price is too expensive, there is no bright spot to speak of, and the volume is relatively large.

And buy a mobile phone without a charging head, itself is very big head, I have, I have, you don't give is your wrong, not used to him.

And apple has a sense of moral kidnapping. If you want a charger, you are not environmentally friendly. If you accept not to charge the head, then you have made a contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of buying a fast charging power bank as a charger

As we all know, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 is only 2227mah. In the current short video crossflow, the average person often uses it for 5 hours. The small battery capacity and poor battery life have become a big pain point of the iPhone 12. Therefore, a power bank supporting fast charging is also a good choice. However, if you don't buy a charging head, it will be very inconvenient in the use process.

  1. Buy atlas ice cubes

(1) Appearance volume color weight

Compared with the original charger, this charger is more compact and easy to carry. The volume is 32mmx47mm, which is only half of the original 5W small white head. It is very mini, easy to carry, and has black and white options.

From the figure above, we can find that the appearance material is very delicate, and the arc polishing design is very simple.

Through the comparison above, we can find that the volume of atlas is only half of the original charging head, and the volume advantage is very obvious.

(2) Charging speed


The charging speed is very fast, the charging speed is 4 times that of the original charging head, and 60% can be charged in 30 minutes, and it can be charged from zero to 100 in less than an hour.

The higher the power consumption, the faster the charging speed and the higher the temperature, but in this case, the tulas pinches the dead, so it is called the tulas ice. The temperature control is about 40% lower than the original charger.

The tulas ice block adopts husb339b chip, which has the following characteristics:

USB pd3.0 certified, TID No. 62

Apple MFI PD certified

Simple peripheral circuit, simple and easy to use, no burning

Integrated voltage loop compensation and current loop compensation network, which already includes secondary side compensation circuits such as TL431

VBUS and VIN pin fast discharge

Wide working voltage range: 3.3V to 20V

Line impedance compensation 50m Ω/ A

CC pin supports 20V high voltage, effectively protects the risk of CC pin short circuit with VBUS


4mm x 4mm qfn-16 package


So the security in use has been improved a lot.

At present, many fake PD chargers and fake PD chargers are mainly charged slowly, mainly because of the low security, which is easy to cause short circuit burning of the main version, which is not worth losing.


(3) Low temperature heat dissipation


Temperature is one of the standards to consider the quality of a charging head. This tulas is called small ice. It is better to compare the temperature control of the original charger after 30 minutes of use. The reason why the temperature can be kept so low is that FS patent core is used to control the temperature throughout the process, so the temperature can be controlled better.

(4) Why don't good charging heads hurt the machine

There are thousands of charging heads on the market, but a safe charging head is very important. Atlas is a brand focused on the manufacture of safe charging head. The product has been tested by 3C, PD and CCC, and has double capacitance, and the current is stable without damaging the battery.

(5) Compatibility

Now the function of charging head is not only to charge a mobile phone, but to work for multiple mobile phones and multiple devices. In actual test, it can charge Apple's full range of mobile phones, wireless headphones, watches and other devices, which is very convenient.

3 Basic knowledge, self-examination and self answer

  1. what is PD?

A: usb-pd is a fast charging specification developed by usb-if organization, and it is one of the mainstream fast charging protocols. USB PD fast charging protocol is output by type-C interface, but it can not be said that USB PD protocol is supported if there is a type-C interface.

  1. will charging quickly damage the battery?

A: No, as long as the real PD charging head is built in with power AC, it can intelligently adjust the input power. So even if your device is 5V, you can use 20V fast charging.

  1. what is 3C certification?

A: 3C certification is called "compulsory product certification system", which is a product qualification evaluation system implemented by the Chinese government in order to protect the personal safety and national security of consumers, strengthen product quality management and implement in accordance with laws and regulations.

  1. how much electricity is it before charging is good for the battery?

A: no requirement. It depends on your mood. The AC control chip is built in the battery and power supply to automatically adjust the charging and discharging current, and will not cause damage to the battery.

"12 is not fragrant, thirteen incense" is matched with tulas, and 12 is fragrant.